Bulbasaur as a Psychic, Ghost, and Bug type


It was a project that started out with drawing Bulbasaur as Fire, Water, and Electric and continued into Fire, Ice, and Poison.  Author of I Don’t Beau, Beau, knew from the beginning it would turn into a big, but very fun project.  It would appear that after a month things have gotten to be only more fun.  Beau decided to take on Psychic, Ghost, and bug types next.  While it took longer than expected, Beau (as well as us) are pretty happy about the results.   The bulbas are three types that could be counters to each other.


GHOST: This was a lot of fun to draw. Ghost Bulba possesses a tombstone after 100 years and rises from the grave. Sometimes all you can see is the tombstone floating in the air. Ethereal ghostly chains make for a great vine whip attack. The padlocks were inspired by  Jacob Marley from A Christmas Carol 


BUG: gotta tell ya’ Bug is not my favorite type. I started to make him like an arachnid with a huge bulb like abdomen on his back with all these creepy little legs and it was just wrong. It didn’t work with bulbsaur’s face. Then he was a scorpion.  Eventually, I worked out a cuter style.

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