Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Game – Ana Character Breakdown

Even though Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Game is a newly minted asymmetrical horror survival title, there is actually a thinly veiled story element involved. Ana Flores is the younger sister of Maria, who went missing in Uvalde, Texas. The local police failed to produce any findings of her whereabouts. So, Ana embarks on her own investigation with; Sonny, Julie, Leland, and Connie as they try to find out what happened to Maria. During their quest, Ana and her friends will be sucked into a hellish reality that will cost them either a piece of flesh or their very lives.

Ana is probably the most well-rounded victim to play in this game. She has everything going for her, except when it involves completing tasks. Other than that, she is one of the toughest victims to take down. Right next to Leland. Building Ana can go in many different directions. Players can mold her to be a sneaky little ghost or a fighting fist for justice. It lies in the personal preferences on how players want to go about things. Whatever the case, Ana is a nice choice when it comes to starting out, or just wanting to be playing as a character that is malleable.

Despite her demeanor, Ana can withstand a slew of punishment. She is also pretty effective with sneaking around, as well. She is a ‘middle of the road’ character and she can be molded to be any class you want. Therefore, Ana is one of the best victims to play as, even if you’re a seasoned player or a newbie. There’s a lot working under her hood and Ana should be a victim player’s top choice before every match. She’s not the sneakiest, or quickest character. However, she can face evil head-on and still live to tell about it.

Ana’s Abilities

The main ability with Ana is “Pain is Nothing.” What this does is nerf any incoming damage that she may receive. This includes taking falls and jumping out of windows. She is a tough little cookie that can take a beating and continue to chug along. She can absorb damage from any direction. Thus, she also comes with a light immunity toward poison that is caused by Sissy. On top of this, Ana also has a heightened chance to fight back against killers, giving her a chance to stun them and escape.

With this ability, Ana can actually withstand attacks from all killers at once. Which can be a “make or break” scenario during the last stretch of a match. This is especially true if players find themselves running toward the front gate in desperation. Ana isn’t the fastest victim to play. However, her thick skin will be all she needs in order to remain triumphant. Experimenting with perks and builds can rectify her shortcomings. Also, don’t forget that there’s a feature in Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Game that allows players to tweak a character’s attributes.

Ana’s Attributes

Ana’s attributes are generally split right down the middle. When it comes to her toughness, she ranks in at +35. Coupled with her main ability, Ana can be a hassle to take down when playing as a killer. Her strength is at +30. Hence, Ana is one of the best victims to stand toe to toe against the killers. Generally speaking, Ana can be played in a little more offensive way, as opposed to defensive. She is not afraid to get her hands dirty and protect her friends. Ana can act as a diversion, or even bait, to keep the killers busy as other victims work on opening the exits.

Her stealth is only at +20. So, she can snoop around to a certain extent. It doesn’t take much for her to make noise. So, it’s best to avoid traps altogether. Her proficiency is also at +20. Therefore, the combination of her trying to complete tasks and being noisy about it makes her a sitting goose. It’s best to leave these to Sonny and Connie. Lastly, Ana’s endurance clocks in at +25. With the proper perks, Ana can be a wrecking ball throughout any match when playing the Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Game.

Ana’s Skills

So, when it comes to Ana’s skills, it is best to focus on her best qualities and enhance them. Equipping the Grappler perk will enable Ana to be even more difficult to attack. Also, the Fight Back perk can help out with making an escape after a grapple. The killer’s stamina will be reduced when they’re recovering after a scuffle. Which is a nice way to run away and hide so you can regain your bearings. Don’t worry about working on Ana’s proficiency. There are other characters best suited for completing task. Ana is all about keeping the killer’s busy.

Another perk to try out with Ana would be High Tolerance. This will make her more resistant to Sissy’s poisons. Which will make her almost unstoppable regarding her traps. Lastly, the What Doesn’t Kill You perk will help with recovering some HP after being attacked. With these perks equipped, along with her default ability, Ana can be a tank to put down. On top of all this, looking into her attributes and adjusting her stealth and endurance could also be beneficial in the long run.


Every victim character in Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Game is distinctively different. When it comes to Ana, she will most likely be the most comfortable fit for any new player. She can be a fighter, but with the right tweaks, she can also be a stealthy mouse. She comes with a few surprises and players should give her a try as often as possible. Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Game is now available for PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.

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