Soulframe is a New MMORPG Inspired by Classic Fantasy Stories

Soulframe is the next game being produced by the developers of Warframe. This game will be a free-to-play title that takes inspiration from The Neverending Story and other IPs. Since Warframe is a sci-fi military romp with explosive action, Soulframe will be a more intimate portrayal of combat with melee attacks. The concept of humankind and nature going to war is the basic premise of this game. Therefore, this title is a natural progression from Warframe and all its facets. Something that’s both familiar and new. Development of this game is still pretty early and there is still a lot to dig into regarding how it will play. There was a trailer that was recently dropped and it does showcase what to expect for the most part. Not only will the two games look different, but they will be playing differently, too. These two games are almost like opposite reflections of each other.

The developers have mentioned that they are going to continue to support Warframe even after Soulframe is released. It is going to take some time before a release date is announced, however. Even the developers aren’t sure what the timeframe is for this project. Needless to say, this game is going to be a very unique installment in comparison to Digital Extreme’s other works. This game will have a robust melee system along with some magical spells, as well. Even for a free-to-play game, there is a nice level of polish here. Even for an early revealing, things are already looking promising. Details on how this game will actually play are scarce, but at least the gaming community is already taking notice of this new title. Even with the short trailer, there is a lot to digest. This new world seems rich and interesting with all of its natural elements.

Marred and Magical

The inspiration for Soulframe comes from a few IPs, not only the Neverending Story but also Princess Mononoke. This is clear just by looking at the art design. Everything has a strange Eastern, bio-mechanical motif to it. There will obviously be animal friends to team up with. They will evidently be used during combat in a number of different ways. Mainly to stun and knock down enemies during combos. It’s hard to say what else they could be used for. Given that this is an MMORPG, they could be used for traversal and finding new pathways throughout the map. It is also possible that the main protagonist can talk to nature, which will provide a side-quest or things like that. There is very little to go on with the gameplay footage available. Everything is pretty much speculation at this point.

As far as the combat, the trailer did show a little bit of it. Players will be able to counter, block and strike in multiple directions. It could be possible that maybe the combat could be similar to For Honor. With the ability to defend against multiple opponents who are coming in different directions. Of course, parrying and light and heavy attacks could very well be a part of the configuration of battle. It is definitely going to be a slower-paced melee system. Something that will take some timing, tactics, and skill. Which, in turn, is a very different animal compared to Warframe. The thing is that Soulframe will also have procedurally generated maps, as well. The grounds will move around and shift, creating new landscapes and even caves to explore. Mother nature is a living entity in this game with a mind of her own. The open world will also serve as the game’s HUB, as well.

Nature of the Wild

There will be magical beasts to encounter in this game. The trailer showed a decorated moose, birds, and some kind of wolf. They appear to have a sentient intelligence to them, most likely signifying that they are allies. Whether or not they can be summoned for help, or even can be ridden on remains to be seen. It has been stipulated that the world will continue to move on, even during the player’s absence. This will be a living, breathing environment that will be constantly changing, no matter what the players decide to do. Therefore, there is quite a bit of innovation with Soulframe in terms of making the world something worth visiting. There are still quite a few questions about how this game will play and how it will relate to Warframe. There is still a lot of work to do with this project and there will be information about dripping feeding into the public through the years, no doubt.

With that said, Soulframe won’t be ready to launch for some time. For curious gamers out there, Warframe is currently available for free. Trying it out may introduce new fans to Digital Extremes type of work. There are tons of players still playing Warframe to this day. That is a testament to how loyal Digital Extremes is to supporting its gaming community. No doubt that they will give Soulframe the same treatment. Even though there are some questions about what this game is about. There is no doubt that there is a new world being built that will be worth checking out. Right now, the current trailer that is available is enough to garner some interest. It appears to be an interesting realm to explore and hopefully, gamers will embrace it when it launches.

Soul Tendencies

As things currently stand, Soulframe won’t be launching up sometime in 2024 or 2025. So, it will be a while before players will be able to get their hands on this. The footage that is currently available does provide a nice morsel of insight on what to expect. Given that this game will be free-to-play, that makes things even better. It will be a few years before Soulframe will near completion in development. Right now, there are quite a few things that are fun to think about in terms of how this game will play whenever it releases.

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