Taking The Diablo III Release A Little Too Seriously

At this point in the game I can understand the “obsessed gamer” world.   It’s not that I’m one of these people but whenever I see someone’s room decorated Super Mario Brothers style or I see a Zelda themed birthday cake it doesn’t bother me at all.   While I may not agree with a World of Warcraft barbecue I can’t fight the fact that millions of users obsess about these titles on a daily basis.

But sometimes I think people might stretch it a little too far.    Or at least stretch it to the point where even folks like me get a little scared.   Anyone else geared up for Diablo III?   Yeah well it appears that this here fan is a little too psyched about it.  So much so his entire workspace/apartment looks like hell….literally.

Check it out after the jump….

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  1. I can appreciate the effort that went into this, but at the same time I can’t help but wonder where he’s going to put his snacks, drinks and other launch day essentials…

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