A Complete Wishlist for What We Want in Dragon Age 4

The insanely popular RPG franchise Dragon Age is set to release the fourth installment of the game. Players are keeping their ears to the ground for any news about what changes they can expect, along with what will be the same. We all have our preferences so it’s a mixed bag, but there are a few things on the hopes and dreams discussions that have formed common threads in discussions. What are the things that most players want to see in the new release? Our research has turned up some interesting musings. To keep you up to date on all the news of the cumulative universe of Dragon Age 4, here is a complete wishlist for what we want in Dragon Age 4.

Wish #1: Confirmation of the release date

The first item on the wish list is to know when the game is going to be released. This may help to alleviate some of the anxiety that we’re having about scheduling our lives to accommodate hours that we’re likely to invest. There’s also the question of what platform Dragon Age 4 will be offered in. Will I be able to play it on PS5 in addition to PC, Xbox Series X? According to Tech Radar, the rumors are already beginning to fly. They serve as a strong indication that one of the first things that are on the wishlist of gamers is to have a definite release date. The teasers from the trailer are vague. They do offer a few suggestions as to what might be coming our way. There are a few things we know for sure. The development of the new game has been confirmed and it’s in the works. Tech Radar predicts that it’s likely to be released sometime in 2022, or perhaps even beyond that time. Since the developers are being closed-mouthed about it. There has been no indication of a release date any time soon.

Wish #2: Enhanced animation

Level Skip states what has been on almost everyone’s mind. Although the introduction to Skyhold, the scenery, and Inquisition graphics were pleasing, players would like to see improvements made in the female inquisitor’s animation. This has been a common suggestion by players. They further mention that it’s a much-needed change that would thoroughly enhance gameplay for those choosing a female character.

Wish #3: More options for romance

No tall characters qualified for romantic opportunities in the Dragon Age series. Instead of limiting options by race or gender, it might be nice for some players to have multiple romance options that are not based on these criteria. Some players were disappointed that Cullen could only be romanced by a female Elf or human or that Solas only had eyes for a female Elf. Players shared that they are limiting features in the game. Players commented that it would be better if the developers opened up a range of options that gives the players choice over their character’s romantic preferences and reciprocity.

Wish #4: More Denerim in the options

The “Origins” featured tons of side quests to Denerim, which is Fereldan’s largest city. Not much was said about Denerim in “Inquisition.” A complaint that was lodged is that there were no opportunities to visit. Quite a few players were disappointed about the developer’s choice to omit Denerim. They remarked that it was filled with some great side quests. Denerim is a significant place. Players are asking for side quest inclusion in the fourth installment of the game.

Wish #5: Tevinter

Fans would also like to learn more about Teviner and experience a few battles and quests there. It’s the place that Dorian is from and although we’ve heard a lot about it from him, it hasn’t been a place we’ve been given access to visit. It sounds like a great place to explore and take on a few exciting adventures. Tevinter could easily be developed with some great stories and adventures.

Wish #6: Increase the fighting classes

Another wish that has been added to the ever-growing list is to add more fighting classes. Warrior, mage, and rogue are all intriguing, but there are many more directions that the developers could take such as hunter, warlock, bard, and more. Opening up more fighting classes would make the game all the more interesting. More fighting class choices would provide more special talents for creating diverse strategies based on the abilities of the classes of characters.

Wish #7: Bring back Solas

We’re still waiting to find out what happens to Solas at the end of “Inquisition.” There’s not a lot of certainties. Some players are left with a sense of loss and confusion over the end of the installment’s cliffhanger. While it’s brilliant to give us a few things to think about to build anticipation, it would be nice to see him make a return. As it stands, nobody is certain about what’s going to happen with this character.

Wish #8: Improvements to the castle

The Gamer has some more information about what players most want to see in the fourth installation. Players want the castle to feature some improvements. Previously, the castle developed over time, but it would be a lot more interesting if you could be in charge of the rate of development and customization of your castle with quests that allow you to make random improvements of your choice. For example, fans want to see the next installment feature quests with specialists selling a variety of items that would enhance the game. Reward those who complete the quests with the means to build up the places that are frequently visited to make them more meaningful for return visits.

Wish #9: Bring Varric the Dwarf back

Varric was a popular character in “Inquisition.” He was a forthright character who made ply more fun and interested. He had a silver tongue and most players liked him the most. He navigated through the world of the noble with an uncanny ability to hold them accountable for their misdeeds. These are just a few of the traits that made him so popular throughout the story-focused content and players would like to see him back again.

Wish #10: Choice of different origin stories

There is nothing so good as having a range of different origin stories to choose from for your character. This would change things up tremendously and give players more control over their character’s story. It would also provide a larger array of quests to choose from. The second installment did away with this option. It did so to place its focus more on a single character. Although race and gender are optional, wouldn’t it be great to have a huge selection of origin points? How about including three to four potential starting points for more fully defining the character you play in the game?

Wish #11:Keep the continuum going for seasoned players

Reddit members weighed in with their own wishlists for the 4th installment of the game. Instead of making the game more user-friendly for new players, bring back as many elements from previous editions as possible. If the world state and the plot are forward-moving from the other versions, those who have spent countless hours will have a more solid knowledge base to move on and gain yet more experience instead of going back and building the same skills all over again. Content that is in sync with previous games will be familiar and even more exciting because it will trigger memories. It would be great if the characters could evolve and take on different roles with new challenges and different outcomes. Have the characters take on more diverse roles and abilities that would occur with a natural evolution of each role. A few new outcomes would be greatly welcomed as well.

Wish #12: Make the content relevant

While some new content can be a good thing, if it’s not relevant to the betterment of the characters, what’s the point? New content would be best if it includes characters from previous games along with further development of their storylines in a manner that is relevant to the players’ past experiences with them.

Wish #13: Increase the dialogue with companions.

Good companions that can carry on a dialogue with relevance can make the gaming experience more interesting. Your character could also become more enlightened through the conversations. Some players wish that there would be more dialogue and that it would be more meaningful to the story and enlightening for the character.

Wish #14: Offer more choices and build in more consequences for those choices

Players have spoken and said that they would like to see a load more choices that further build on those offered in “Inquisition.” While there were quite a few, it would be nice to build in a heartier array of consequences for the actions that a character makes in the game. Base them off of the previous content but expand on the good thing that was started and provide more choices and consequences to accompany them.

Wish #15: – Make the story complete in itself

Cliffhangers are great for building anticipation, but when there are several years in-between the new installment, they leave a definite feeling of dissatisfaction. Telling a complete story without breaking them into multiple chapters has an appeal to quite a few players.

Wish #16: Don’t make the world larger unless you improve the transportation

Players have made it clear that they don’t want to see a larger world to traverse unless there is some transportation improvement. The rumor is that BioWare is looking at the release of a larger world that focuses on exploration. As it is, the transportation will need to be improved to explore large areas. If not, keep the world the size that it is.

Wish #17: Give characters better hair options

Players on the Reddit forum consistently voiced the desire to have better hairstyle options. While this is a minor detail that doesn’t affect the quests or the quality of the quests, there were quite a few players who shared their disappointment with the current choices of hairstyles. Many of them think the characters’ hairstyles are ugly and they’d like to see some better options for improving the appearance of their chosen characters.

Wish #18: Include a companion approval bar

Players would also like to have a little better idea of the level of companion approval. A few suggestions were made that include a bar that would monitor companion approval. This would give you a better idea of the consequences of your choices throughout the game. It’s a great place for development and for forging relationships in the game. It would add one more dimension to play and strategy building.

Wish #19: Build in different lighting environment previews

Another wish that players indicated in their comments is the ability to preview the character you choose in different lighting environments. This would give you a peek at what the character you pick will look like in various quests and experiences. I would also give you a sense of how well he/she shows up in different circumstances such as outdoors at night, outdoors, during the daytime, and interior lighting environments.

Wish #20: More armor choices

Players have also stepped up to the plate and shared their desire to have different armor options along with a variety of different looks. Players have discussed the various tiers that they like. Many share that they feel the options are so sparse that it has felt somewhat limiting. They’d like to see a wide range of armor choices with more variation among the top-tier schematics. As it stands, they’ve been too similar across each class. It would be more exciting if the changes were more pronounced to create a more dramatic effect on the characters. This is the twentieth item on the fan wishlist. Although everyone has their own preferences, these are the most common requests for the game now under development.

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