20 Awesome Tattoos From Video Game Characters

As video games continue to evolve so do the characters.   Every year it seems that the human beings in a video game become more “human” for lack of a better word.  Their movements, actions, mannerisms are all becoming more lifelike to the point that in the next decade we might just mistake video games for live television.

Another “real” trait we’re seeing is in the appearance.   I mean when did video game characters sport so many tattoos?  Not until recently if you think about it.

And thanks to Ink Art Tattoos, here are 20 examples of video game characters sporting ink.

Lars from Brutal Legend

Duke Nukem

Rei Kurosawa from Fatal Frame 3

Zell Dincht From Final Fantasy 8


Tai Kaliso from Gears of War

Kratos from God of War

Agent 47 from Hitman

Kou Leifoh from The Bouncer

Francis from Left 4 Dead

Maero from Saints Row 2

Mattias Nilsson from Mercenaries

Faith from Mirror’s Edge

Death Metal from No More Heroes

Rex XIII from Final Fantasy 7

Sheva Alomar from Resident Evil 5

Sydney from Vagrant Story

Vega from Street Fighter 2

Takaya Kuroda from Yakuza

Jin from Tekken

Ferril from Bloodrayne

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  1. well seeing as how this list doesn’t include the nameless one from planescape:torment, its automatically invalid.i mean the gome only starts off with you being read a tattoo from your back that gives you a general overview of your situation in case you died, cause that totally happens all the time. not only that but tattoos purchased from fells shop are the primary means of buffing your char throughout the game.

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