Lego Normandy SR2 Really Should Be an Actual Kit


A few weeks ago, I wrote a post that not nearly enough people appreciated that was 40 video games rendered in Lego.  I had a Mass Effect picture in there, but had I discovered this Normandy SR2, I probably would have subbed that in instead.

The artist (sculptor? builder) behind this is Ben Fellowes, and he painstainkingly recreated the Cerebrus build Normandy SR2 in detail, so much so that it even has a little docking for a little shuttle he built. Color me imprssed.

It’s bigger than it looks, and hit the jump for some more picture of it. Why doesn’t Lego actually make kits like this? Is it really just licensing issues? You would think Bioware would jump on a Mass Effect Lego series.





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  1. I would buy this kit in a second if I could. When i saw that you could buy model kits in the game I was hoping that at some point in time you could buy the models IRL.

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