Street Fighter 6 – Playing as Chun-Li Breakdown

Street Fighter 6 returns the roster of classic characters that have been around since Street Fighter II. Not to mention that there is also a good chunk of new warriors to try out. Chun-Li is arguably the most recognizable fighter in the bunch. She has been in almost every offering of tournament-fighting games from Capcom for the past 30 years. With every installment, the developers tweaked and experimented with varying features to help keep things fresh. The sixth entry of this legendary franchise is no different. All of the classic characters still play fundamentally the same, with some enhancements.

As every Street Fighter fan knows, Chun-Li has ‘legs of steel’ and they can almost reach halfway across the screen. She was never the strongest fighter, but her speed and agility make up for that shortcoming. She is very intimate with her approach. Players want to get in close and unleash a flurry of combos, only to score a hit or two when the opponent decides to back away. Of course, Chun-Li is best left reserved for more seasoned players. She can be an efficient fighter, but only in the right hands and that can take some practice.

Now, her classic; Spinning Bird Kick, Kikoken Fireball, and Hundred Lightning Kick all make a return in this sequel. There are some notable improvements, of course. Along with those, there are some new tricks in Street Fighter 6 that enable Chun-Li to be a much deeper fighter. She still comes with charging input controls that she’s known for. However, there have been a few updates that help her feel slightly less clunky. There are also some aerial combos that she can do that help her take control of the situations above her head.

Chun-Li’s Power Moveset

In Street Fighter 6, Chun-Li’s power moves can now mix in with combos or start them off entirely, as opposed to just being ways to land a cheap hit. The fighting mechanics in this sequel is much more fluid and organic than its predecessors. The new Drive System in this game is one of the main reasons that this sequel feels more tactical. It adds a whole new layer to the fighting that will keep players guessing.

Aerial Hundred Lightning Kick

  • When jumping forward, roll one-fourth of a circle forward, then hit kick. This is a good way to quickly get into an opponent’s zone and a nifty way to start a combo while in the air.

Hundred Lightning Kick

  • Instead of tapping the light kick button rapidly, now players can just put in one-fourth circle forward, plus kick. This move will barrage opponents with a flurry of kicks that quickly chip away their HP. It’s good for both starting and finishing combos.

Spinning Bird Kick

  • Crouch for a second or two, then hit up plus kick simultaneously. This move is especially useful when facing off against zoners. It is nearly indestructible and comes in handy when needing to get in close.

Tensho Kicks

  • Quickly hit down, then down again plus kick. This is a vertical kick that will launch opponents into the air and set them up for aerial combos. It is also particularly useful for landing a hit against players who like to jump in a lot to close the distance.


  • Roll one-fourth of a circle backward, plus kick. This is a rather powerful overhead move that allows Chun-Li to sink her heel into her opponent’s skull. It comes with a short range, so it’s best used for launching combos and working around block-happy players.

Chun-Li’s Super Arts Moveset

In Street Fighter 6, putting in double the input for certain moves can dish out twice the damage. Executing these moves can be a bit of a long shot due to the complexity of the button inputs. However, they’re a nice way to take a chunk out of the opponent’s life bar, if successful. When it comes to these types of moves, they work best at the end of a combo. The Super Art gauge is at the bottom corner of your screen, offering up to 3 Tiers of power.

Super Soten Ranka

  • This is a cinematic finishing move that will unleash a flashy animation of Chun-Li punishing her opponent. This can be done at Level 3 is reached with the Super Arts Meter. Simply roll one-fourth of a circle backward twice, then press kick. Be sure that Chun-Li is close to her opponent, and try to use it somewhere within a combo. It’s the best way to ensure that there will be an opening to effectively pull this off.

Super Hoyoku-Sen

  • At Level Two, this is the super-charged version of the Hundred Lightning Kicks. Roll one-fourth of a circle forward twice, then press kick. This version of kicks lasts a little longer, but Chun-Li will be wide open during its execution. So, be sure to time this just right, or you can end up on the ground.

Super Aerial Kikosho

  • With Level One, while in the air, roll one-fourth of a circle forward two times, then press punch. This version of Chun-Li’s fireball will cover the air in different directions, depending on where the opponent is at.

Super Kikosho

  • Also, at Level One, roll one-fourth of a circle forward two times, then press punch. Executing this move will let Chun-Li’s fireball land multiple hits on her opponent.


Playing as Chun-Li in Street Fighter 6 will feel like putting on a pair of old shoes for many gamers out there. There are some new nuts and bolts in her toolbox, but she still fundamentally feels the same. With the new mechanics in place for this sequel, Chun-Li can feel deadlier than ever. She is a classic character that deserves to be on the roster on a permanent basis. Street Fighter 6 is now available for PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.


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