South Park’s Uncanny Accuracy

In recent years, South Park has been famous for staying up all night to ensure their election episode properly reflects the winner. It gives the show relevance and never fails to impress as surely no one who worked on it has slept in 48 hours.

This week’s episode was no exception, and when people told me to check out this image of Obama’s speech and how accurate it was, I thought it was cool. “Oh hey, they got the podium and the fact that he was in front of a crowd right!”

Nope. Keep looking. Look at the individual audience members. Wow. Just wow.

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  1. In recent years? I think you mean “the one episode they aired after the 2008 election.” They didn’t do it in ’04, and last night’s episode wasn’t one of their stay-up-all-nght ones. They were going to air that episode no matter what. They had previews for it the entire week beforehand, so it’s impossible that they did it all in the last 24 hours. I suspect they altered a couple scenes, like adding the specific background characters, to make it seem as if they did it all in one day.

  2. Yeah there’s no way they didnt just fill this in. If you look at the behind the scenes episode where they show you how they do an episode, they sometimes have literally handed the episode into the station hours (or less) before it was meant to air. They’re pros at this by now. This was added after the speech, without question

  3. @Charlie Ward: Cry more. Nobody above the age of 12 thinks South Park was funnier when it relied on gimmicky, repetitive shock laughs like Kenny dying and Kyle saying “You bastards!” than it is now.
    After a while everyone grew up and realized that kids swearing wasn’t that funny, and Matt and Trey finally had to start putting effort into it.
    You just have the sense of humor of a middleschooler.

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