I Really Miss TV Theme Songs and Title Sequences


For some reason I’ve had the Dawson’s Creek opening theme song from the title sequence in my head the past couple of hours. I know that the song is called “I don’t want to wait” and it’s by Paula Cole but it will always be the Dawson’s Creek theme song. There’s something special about having an opening theme, it’s one of the identifiers of the show. It differentiates the show to the others around it, even if it is one in the long line of teen dramas the opening will make it stand out from the others. When the television is on and then it starts playing you know what show is about to start and it gives me the pre show jitters. It’s not just Dawson’s Creek, it could be Friends, Fringe, Twin Peak and a whole host of other shows and I’d still get those jitters, I know what show is starting and if the music excites me then I know I have to sit down and watch it quietly for the next hour.

We’ve seen less and less title sequences over the past few years and honestly I think it sucks. Supernatural is one of my most favorite shows to ever hit the airwaves and the one thing that it is missing is the title sequence with and opening theme song, I’d easily give up them killing demon number 8 if that gives them time for a title sequence. The song sets the ambiance of the show and gets you in the mood even before it starts, and I understand that television shows have to cut it for time but it sucks (sorry for being repetitive). I’d rather have a minute less of longing looks between love interests and have a decent title sequence than have just the title pop up and fade out. That doesn’t do anything for me.  They just don’t make ’em like they used to.

Maybe it’s like marmite, you either love it or hate it. I love it. If you’ve watched those clips you either want to kill me or are feeling quite nostalgic right about now. I’m nostaligic. I feel like making a cup of tea, sit down and actually watch one of the shows (I’ll probably go for some Twin Peaks), there’s no way a random title card would make me want to do that.

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