Six Action Movies I’m Really Looking forward to Seeing

As Paul and probably the rest of you know, I’m not that jazzed about movies anymore.   When I go to the theater these days I have very few expectations.   Call me a sentimentalist but I do long for the days of old when stories and characters mattered more than effects and colors.   Don’t get me wrong people, there are still some great movies out there and I’m a fan of good technology as much as the next guy.

It’s just when it gets in the way of the story that I’m bothered.   That said, there are still some movies out there that I’m very much looking forward to seeing.  Movies that aren’t in a too distant future (well, within 5 years).

Today I want to focus on action movies.  Here are six that should (in theory) kick ass….

Avatar 2 and 3

I wrote a reasonably scathing review of Avatar a while back.  And now that I’ve seen it 100 times I still feel the same way.   The acting was pretty bad and I simply didn’t like much of the movie.   But I have to admit, visually it’s fantastic.   So I’m actually pretty pumped about the new ones because you know James Cameron probably took note of everyone’s criticisms and is going to pay more attention to the story and the characters while at the same time keeping up with the visual mastery.   At least that’s what I hope happens.


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