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A Gallery in Which Your Mind Will Be Blown

I stumbled upon a thread yesterday that began to warp my mind so much, I thought I’d share it with you. But rather than simply copy paste, I did a few quick workups of some of the facts in question.

Yes, I’m sure there are a fair amount of geniuses out there who had all these down already, but for most of you, I bet there’s at least one item in here that will change your worldview.

Check them out below, and if you have any more you think should be included, let me know in the comments. 

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  1. My genius is confirmed, I already knew all of these… except the Doom one.

    As for “Sith”, I though everyone knew that. “Ewok” would have been better.

  2. What’s wrong with the ‘Doom’ picture? If you are talking about that wierd energy by his empty hand, that is clearly a demom’s fireball originating from a background demon’s hand.

    Also, I just wanted to remind you many people have critisized you for your non-mage Skyrim Archmage claims in case you haven’t addressed that faux pas, yet, Paul.

  3. I have to agree with the other commenters, this was an extremely weak post. All of those were things nobody has ever believed before, or things nobody really cares about like the Doctor Who/Torchwood thing.

    As for the others, of course Cera was a triceratops, of course there are pipes because Mario and Luigi are plumbers, and of course it’s a D, it’s DISNEY!!! Those are facts that 5-year-olds notice. I know because that’s when I noticed them.

  4. Ok, just wanted to lend some validation to that last one. For the longest time, I never saw the D either. I mean, I knew it was SUPPOSED to be a D, but I never saw it. I always saw either the weird backwards G or an even weirder lowercase d. Never thought much of it, as I just assumed it was either a strange scripted version of the letter I was unfamiliar with, or just a quirk of old Walt’s handwriting that was carried over into the official logo. It wasn’t until a couple years ago that I finally saw the D and did a total facepalm. I felt like a complete idiot for never having seen it before, but I’m glad I wasn’t the only one.

  5. i think the better point from the matrix was that Neo also means “new”. As in rebirth, like the messiah… the archetype he is. Also if you watch the shitty movies he is the “New the one” cause there is always a one. i think those are what the wachowski’s were going for. Which is also way better than a lame anagram.

  6. Actually Doomguy never holds any guns.
    In game, it’s actually his morphing erection.

    The way his weapons recede and appear, no one carries like that.

  7. Are you serious? You didn’t notice ANY of this before? The only one of these I didn’t know was that Sith wasn’t mentioned in the original series. But that could be because it wasn’t really all that relevant. This is possibly the worst Unreality article I have ever seen.

  8. You have to be an idiot, or at least partially blind, to think the Doom guy has two guns. It’s very clear that the energy ball above his left arm is coming toward him from one of the demons he is fighting. Did nobody look closely at their game box?

  9. In other mind-blowing news, the movie “Ghostbusters” gets its name from how the title characters “bust” ghosts, and Uncle Scrooge is called “Uncle” because he’s Donald’s uncle and Huey, Dewey, and Louie’s GREAT-uncle.

  10. Actually, I read in a Cracked article a while back that ‘ghostbusters’ comes from Dan Aykroyd’s paranormal investigator father’s book, but yeah basically what you said.

    Also, Paul, I was being a jerk earlier in the comments. The Skyrim jibe came out of nowhere, and I am sorry. Not getting what you meant by the ‘Doom’ pic set me off (which linked back to when I brought your Skyrim articles to my younger closest to my age, also named Paul, and he was able to tell me what spells and what situations they were necessary for in order to become Archmage just as many of the comments to your articles). So again, sorry and have a great weekend.

  11. Also, also, I know it’s a ‘D’ but I to this very moment (and I have experience seeing the Disney logo over the course of my 24 years of life) cannot unsee the ‘G.’

  12. I didn’t say I didn’t know all of these. But what’s obvious to some isn’t necessarily to others . That’s the point. If even one of these was a “ohhh yeahhh” moment for you, then the post did its job.

  13. Sorry, but this is the worst thing you’ve ever posted on this site.

    The only thing that blew my mind about it is why an adult hadn’t figured out the name Sara came from Triceratops.

  14. “Ewok” is “Wookiee” with the syllables reversed.

    Because Lucasfilm wanted to make Endor in ROTJ the home planet of the Wookiees. But they didn’t. Don’t know why.

  15. “This was like “weird stoner wisdom”… the type of bizarre observations made late at night or while impaired that seem genius at the time.”

    Then that is some seriously super lame weird stoner wisdom going down. Maybe you have to have a really low IQ for it to qualify, or just crawled out from under a rock?

  16. A better mindblown moment was when I was walking through the Redwood forest near SanFran and read a sign that talked about the native americans that lived in that area that were the Ewoques (I may have that spelling wrong, but I know it wasn’t Ewoks). I’m sure someone could fact check it pretty quick, but I’d be shocked if that’s not where he got the name from.

  17. uh guys… the Doom box, the second flash the looks like it’s coming from his right hand is actually a fireball being thrown by one of the demons in the pile… i NEVER saw 2 guns…

  18. I had Tom Sawyer for the C64 when I was a kid, and the loading screens on that thing often lasted a good four minutes, so I spent a lot of time staring at the Walt Disney logo, and I always saw, “Walt Disnep, no I guess that’s supposed to be a Y. OK, I see it now.”

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