Respawn Entertainment Hiring For Single Player FPS

Apex Legends Respawn Entertainment hiring for single player FPS

“Apex Legends” may be the game most associated with Respawn Entertainment, but the developer has created some of the most monumental games of the modern video game generation since 2014, and earlier if you included Respawn founders’ previous founding of Infinity Ward. From “Call of Duty” to “Star Wars” and beyond, Respawn Entertainment has been busy with one project or another since its founding, and before, so with the news that a new single-player FPS experience was being created by the developer, fans were excited, especially as it’s to co-exist alongside the most popular franchise from Respawn Entertainment. Below, we’ve gone into detail on the incoming single-player FPS from Respawn Entertainment, Respawn’s creator’s time before Respawn, and the various franchises associated with Respawn Entertainment.

Respawn Entertainment

Although founded in 2010, up until the founding of Respawn Entertainment, the creators of the development team had also created Infinity Ward and were part of the development of each entry until Respawn Entertainment was born. After leaving Infinity Ward and creating Respawn Entertainment, the developers created “Titanfall” in 2014, a sequel two years later, and a spinoff mobile title before the focus shifted towards the battle royale genre and “Apex Legends” was born. However, before “Apex Legends” was created, and soon after “Titanfall 2” launched, EA acquired Respawn Entertainment in 2017, and ultimately strengthened the already existing relationship between the two companies.

Titanfall Series

“Titanfall” upon release was a near-instant success with its unique take on not only mechas but everything about the first-person shooter genre. “Titanfall” was also interesting at the time for its lack of a single-player mode, outside of the beginning tutorial, resulting in forced multiplayer with each game. While it has been a common practice these days games such as “Destiny” being online required as it worked similarly. When “Titanfall 2” was released, Respawn Entertainment changed things up by including a very extensive single-player, which was certainly not expected compared to the first “Titanfall”. The “Titanfall 2” campaign even featured a bonus level that today feels more like a Wraith demo of an “Apex Legends” single-player FPS from Respawn Entertainment. There’s even a slight chance that this new single-player FPS from Respawn Entertainment could even be “Titanfall 3”, or at least that’s what some fans of the series are hoping for.

Apex Legends

“Apex Legends” may be classified as a battle royale for its use of the common elements from the genre but overall the game mixes those elements with the hero shooter genre to create something truly unique. Even “Call of Duty” has tried to compete with the hero shooter elements found in “Overwatch” and “Apex Legends” with their use of Operators in “Call of Duty: Black Ops 4”. “Apex Legends” has incorporated the use of hero shooter elements to create different classes within the game and more that can give players a huge array of possibilities with each hero, as new ones are released with each new season of “Apex Legends”. When each new legend has been released, a story within the game follows which pulls information from the previous chapter’s story to some extent. It’s possible that the all but confirmed by Respawn Entertainment single-player FPS could pull from that concept and instead of providing a barely interactive story that plays like a video book and more of a true first-person shooter story mode.

Incoming Apex Legends Universe Respawn Entertainment Single Player FPS

Although the upcoming game was leaked via Respawn’s own job listing for “a single-player FPS set in the “Apex Legends” Universe”, “Titanfall” and “Apex Legends” take place within the same universe, as seen with some re-occurring characters, similarities in the games, and of course straight-up references to “Titanfall” facts and lore. Examples of “Titanfall” bleeding into “Apex Legends” include, the creator of The Apex Games being introduced within the Titanfall games, an additional character released a few seasons back has a direct link to a “Titanfall” character, and “Titanfall 2” has been linked to Wraith from “Apex Legends” regarding her Void ability. While there’s no further information regarding the project at this time, this listing from Respawn Entertainment themselves regarding such a specific description for a game that hasn’t been announced whatsoever. With a lack of real information regarding this apparent single-player FPS from Respawn Entertainment set in the “Apex Legends” Universe, literally anything could be possible. Possibilities for Respawn Entertainment’s upcoming single-player FPS include the first in a series of single-player spinoffs based on Legends from “Apex Legends”, similar to what “League of Legends” has done recently. Maybe even an updated “Titanfall” story that has a strong link to “Apex Legends”, but until the game has officially been announced we’ll likely be left in the dark, but with “Apex Legends Mobile” released recently Respawn Entertainment has clearly decided to expand their IPs.

Respawn Entertainment and Star Wars

Outside of their own creations, Respawn Entertainment has also created a highly unique Star Wars single-player action-adventure experience with “Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order”, which has done incredibly well, and the developers even have two more original Star Wars video games set to be released in the coming years.

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