Resident Evil 4 Remake – Where To Find Clockwork Castellans

Resident Evil 4 Remake is jam-packed with secrets. Of course, some are more cryptic than others. In the case of the Clockwork Castellans, there are a total of 16 of them to find during the playthrough. Generally, there is at least one to find in every chapter. These collectibles are a staple throughout this franchise.

With every Resident Evil installment, there is always an item, or figurine, slyly hiding away in a corner someplace. As every fan will know, these things must be shot in order to effectively “collect” them. In this case, a few of them can be found just by playing the story. Others, on the other hand, will require some combing of the area.

Of course, it is always a good idea to always have a spare bullet, or two, in order to complete this task. Melee attacks work also, naturally. However, some of the Clockwork Castellans can be a bit out of reach from Leon. In any case, some of these collectibles will be in plain sight, while others can be easy to miss. Hence, this guide will assist in detailing where, and how, players can find all the Clockwork Castellans.

Where To Find The Clockwork Castellans

Chapter 1 – The Lakeside Settlement

  • A dilapidated house with a hole in the roof will have the figurine there. It will be the house that is next to the infected villager that is hurling dynamite. Go to the small room on the side and look up. It will be sitting on the edge of the ceiling on top of some hay.

Chapter 2 – The Abandoned Factory

  • North of the Abandoned Factory will have a special gate that will require a Hexagonal Emblem to open it. Go through this gate and head up the pathway. To the left, there will be a small shack with bales of hay stacked up. The Clockwork Castellan will be there.

Chapter 3 – The Quarry

  • After making way through The Quarry, the merchant will be waiting at the end of it. After doing business with him, head down the ladder that’s left of him. Once Leon lands, head toward the light that is sitting down a corridor. Then, turn right until he hits a dead end. There will be a stack of crates. Look up and there will be a figurine hiding in a small opening.

Chapter 4 – The Forest Altar

  • There are a couple of ways to get to this area. Either climb up the ladder inside a small storage room in the cave system or use the Insignia Key to gain access to the Forest Altar Area. The figurine will be behind the fence, directly straight behind the body laying on the altar.

Chapter 5 – Village Chief’s Manor

  • Enter the manor and head up the main stairway to the left. Then, turn to the first hallway on the right. Head down to the end of the hallway and enter the master bedroom to the right. Look up on the left side of the bed and there will be a ladder hanging from the ceiling. Help Ashley up there so she can kick the ladder down. Once inside the attic, break away some debris on the wall on the left side and there will be a figurine hiding behind all the junk.

Chapter 6 – Typewriter Shack

  • In the area between the typewriter shack and the checkpoint, Leon will need to cross a winding wooden path. To the right of it, across the gap, there’s a bonfire. The figurine will be standing in front of it.

Chapter 7 – The Treasury

  • Northeast of the Treasury lies a cellar. Shortly after fighting your way through the dungeon, take the ladder to this room. There will be a shelf built between two columns. On the very top of this shelf, is a figurine.

Chapter 8 – Castle Battlements

  • Once this sequence starts, jump down from the ledge on the right. Carefully make progress until Leon reaches the tower. Climb up the ladder and head left. Go all the way around the pathway and try to avoid the enemies. It will eventually dead end with a figurine sitting on top of sandbags.

Chapter 9 – The Courtyard

  • In the center of The Courtyard is a hedge maze. Make way through it heading Northwest. After twisting and turning, Leon will eventually come across a pillar, boards, and other debris stacked at a dead end. On a table will be a first aid spray. Directly right of it is a figurine hiding in plain sight.

Chapter 10 – The Depths

  • Once Leon encounters the Merchant in the sewers, head straight back. Leon will hit a wall with a rusted grate on it. Directly behind it is a figurine that is tucked away within some debris on the left.

Chapter 11 – Stopover

  • Once the minecart sequence is over, players will reach the Stopover. There’s a rundown shack next to the flight of stairs. Head inside it and make a sharp left. Up on top of the wall is another figurine.

Chapter 12 – Clocktower

  • On the first floor of the clocktower, there will be a massive stairway on the Northern side of this section. Under the stairway, will be some crates with the Clockwork Castellan sitting on top.

Chapter 13 – The Wharf

  • After defeating the enemy that has a rocket launcher in this area, go to the Southeastern part of this place. Look for red containers stacked among each other. Look for the truck that has a red container attached to it. There will also be a green forklift in front of it. Underneath it will be a figurine.

Chapter 14 – The Campsite

  • Find a way out of the Amber Storeroom, and then turn right. There will be a small office with lockers in it. The figurine can clearly be seen sitting on top of a locker.

Chapter 15 – The Specimen Storage

  • There is a room that can be found on the Northern segment of the Specimen Storage. Look for the treasure chest then turn around. Up on the rafters, slightly to the right, will be another figurine.

Chapter 16 – The Underground Passage

  • As Leon tries to escape the area, he will eventually enter a cargo bay type of room. Eliminate the enemies and look for a green forklift on the right. On top of some boxes behind it is the last Clockwork Castellan.


Once a player finds all 16 of the Clockwork Castellans, it will unlock the ‘Revolution Wind-Up’ Trophy/Achievement. No doubt it will be a lot of work to finish this achievement. If players take some time to poke around the different areas of the game will most likely have no problem finding all of the Clockwork Castellans in this game. Resident Evil 4 Remake is now available for PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.

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