I Pika-Choose You: A Pokemon Prom Proposal

Back in my day, you asked a girl to prom by tapping her on the shoulder before she was about to head into the bathroom and quietly mumbled the idea at the ground. What, that was just me?

Anyway, kids these days are going all out, and this young high school lad had an elaborate Pokemon themed proposal that’s so ridiculous I suppose it’s actually endearing.

Complete with Ash outfit, theme-song blaring boombox and hype men throwing out what I can only assume are Pokemon cards, he asks his lady love to prom which she surprisingly agrees to emphatically. Either she’s just jazzed she got a date, or she’s really the Misty to his Ash.

Anyway, props to you kid. Ballsy and nerdy and you got a girl out of it. Doesn’t happen very often.

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