Some Pretty Wicked Fallout: New Vegas Cosplay

I haven’t gotten to play Fallout: New Vegas yet, so I can’t tell you if the “Veteran Ranger” is a hero, villain or something in between, but I do know that it makes for a pretty badass cosplay costume which you can see here.

It’s from GrimDarkKommissar’s DeviantArt, and you can see that a ton of work went into it. I do have to say that the gun he’s holding looks a little tiny compared to the bulky armor he’s equipped with, but maybe that’s just how Veteran Rangers roll.

Check out other shots of the costume below, along with a secret bonus prize at the end of the article.


Since that wasn’t a ton of pictures, here’s his Arkham Asylum Scarecrow costume as well:

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  1. Wow, both of those costumes are pretty sick. Bethesda posted the Fallout one on their facebook page with a link to the forum where the creator showed how he did it.

  2. Not bad. My only remarks is why is there a midget wearing the veteran costume? And the other thing that posses me off is that the eye pience lens isn’t red.

    I made an awesome Gannon family tesla armor for when I do a arcade cosplay later in the year.

  3. hey i think this is great but i was wondering what did u do to make the chest armor i wanted to make it but dont know how to start it off since ive never done anything like this befor

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