Ranking Every Season of Arrow So Far

Being that it’s the CW’s top show, Arrow’s greatness isn’t that difficult to argue. The story of multibillionaire vigilante superhero Oliver Queen has never been as fascinating as when Stephen Amell’s face was put on it. He’s done an incredible job portraying the character over the last 6 years and continues to do so with the help of an amazing cast as well. Among the 6 seasons of Arrow, some have been great while others have just skidded by. We’ve ranked every season of Arrow on this list according to what we thought was the best season down to the worst. Let us know if you agree.


1. Arrow Season 2

This was the time when Oliver isolated himself on the island because of what was going on in his life. He later returns to real life and meets the Black Canary. Some of the best story lines come from his dealings with the League of Assassins. We find out that Sara Lance was still alive and had been training with the League; she was purely awesome. We also had the story arc of the Mirakuru and Roy went crazy under the influence of it. Of course, we can’t forget the fact that Barry Allen made his first appearance during this season.


2. Arrow Season 1

The introduction to the Arrow story was nothing short of intriguing. This was the time when the story focused a lot on Oliver’s time at the island. He comes back after being on the island for 5 years and becomes the vigilante. This was also the season when he began to form his team, first hiring Diggle after Oliver saved his life. We also saw the story of Thea when she was using Vertigo. The story of Oliver’s mother was also pretty interesting, considering that she played a bigger role in everything that had happened.

3. Arrow Season 3

Arsenal was awesome; we continue to hope that he’d come back permanently because the show isn’t the same without him. A lot of changes to the team happened this season, and while it may have been difficult, we knew it was important to the story. Apart from losing Roy after he confessed to having been the Arrow, we also lost Sara. We were able to get Thea back after the Lazarus Pit, but we knew all knew how that truly messed her up. The story of Ra’s al Ghul was fascinating, especially when he was trying to recruit Oliver into the League of Shadows. We definitely saw some incredible fighting this season.


4. Arrow Season 5

Legacy began to take part in the story, and Oliver is a much better rounded character at this point. The storytelling had returned to the way it was in the first couple of seasons, and it really resounded to viewers more. Prometheus was a worthy adversary, and it was something that we didn’t quite expect. The implications of Oliver’s departure from Star City were more serious that Oliver realized, and we saw it all unfold this season. We also saw what taking the hood during that first year had brought on to Oliver’s life, especially when he was such a cold-blooded killer then.


5. Arrow Season 4

Oliver takes the Green Arrow name for the first time this season. It was the mark for a change in many ways, and that change will resonate to today. It isn’t necessarily the best change, but the story keeps on. At this point, Oliver is already tired of all the heroics, but it’s difficult when there are so many villains around including Vandal Savage and the entire League of Shadows. Some of the most impressive scenes from this episode include the time when Sara went into the Lazarus Pit and also when Felicity was shot while she was with Oliver. What a shocker!

6. Arrow Season 6

Here we are to the last, and we’d have to say that Arrow had so much facelift that it’s hardly recognizable from the way it was in the beginning. At this point, we still have some of the original team with Diggle and Felicity still helping out, but the complicated team dynamics isn’t the best sell. One of the best things about this season was the return of Roy Harper, but that was almost a cry for help. The Diaz storyline is good but not as convincing of power compared to when Oliver was dealing with more “magical” entities such as Damien Darhk. This was also Quentin Lance’s last season, and that’s probably bumming us out more than anything.

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