Ten Different Games, Movies and TV Shows that Have Jacked the A-Team Intro


The original A-Team, back when it was a TV show and not a soon-to-be blockbuster film starring UFC fighters and Qui-Gon Jin, had one of the greatest intros of any show ever made. It laid out the story and introduced the characters in a way that is more quinessentially ’80s than anything else that existed in that decade.

So naturally, a million other people took that intro and made parodies of it, be it for movies, video games or other TV shows. Below I’ve posted the ten best ones I could find. My favorite? That would have to be the raptors. You’ll see what I mean

The original A-Team intro for reference


1. Lost

2. Halo 3

3. Raptors

4. Star Trek

5. Sailor Moon


6. Mercenaries 2

7. Star Wars

8. Lego

9. Lord of the Rings


10. Grand Theft Auto


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