Star Wars Rebels Gets a…Cowboy Jedi?

Remember how cool Han Solo was? Remember how cool lightsabers were? Remember how those were two distinctly different things? Well, no more, at least not in the new Star Wars Rebels animated series.

Above is a behind the scenes feature that reveals Kanan, a “cowboy jedi” voiced by Freddie Prinze Jr. “He’s a little more relaxed with the Jedi rules,” they say, as we watch him wield a blaster alongside a lightsaber.

I expect this will cause a fair amount of controversy in nerd land, and it does sort of rub me the wrong way, I’ll be honest. Like, the point of separating Jedi from bounty hunters and smugglers was that each had their strength and weaknesses. You can’t just combine them to make a character you think will be super badass. Or can you?

I don’t know. To me this is like if “The Last Samurai” was just a warrior who “broke the rules” and mowed down all his enemies with a submachine gun.

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  1. I don’t have a problem with it. The dude has been in hiding for years with his lightsaber in a drawer, what’s he supposed to use for defense?
    It’s also not completely unheard of for Jedi to be sporting blasters, especially among Luke’s generation. In the Old Republic you were identified at birth as a potential Jedi and taken (stolen? bought? given? was that ever explained?) to the temple for training.
    Luke’s student all became Jedi later in life after being set in their ways. Mara Jade (smuggler/assassin), Corran Horn (cop/military), Jaina Solo (trained by freakin’ Bobba Fett/military) all carried side arms.

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