The Five Most Underrated Video Games of 2019

Baba is You

No matter what you level of gaming experience might be, you are always looking for something new and cool to play. That is certainly understandable, as that it what makes gaming so exciting in the end. It is something that children and adults can equally enjoy doing, so you want to find games that appeal to you and motivate you to keep playing year after year. New video games are like movies, Everyone, it seems, is a critic. Some games get horrible reviews and they are warranted. You are thankful that you heeded the advice and stayed away. You avoid must frustration and expense that way. There are other times when a game gets a great review and it is certainly justified. These are games you wait for months to purchase. You can’t wait to get your hands on them. What, then, of the games who that did not get a great review yet they are definitely worthy of playing? Some games just do not get the recognition that they deserve, but were are about the change that. Here are five of the most underrated video games in 2019.

5. Yoshi’s Crafted World

On its surface, Yoshi’s Crafted World is too simplistic of a game. You might take a look at it and this that this is not something you want to invest your time into playing, but looks can be deceiving. While the game starts out very easy at the early levels, it gets progressively more difficult as you progress through the various challenges that come your way. In fact, it is this very style of progressively difficult that actually puts this game in the running for one of the best games of the year. At the current time, It is underrated, but it will almost certainly start to pick up momentum as people figure out that there is so much more to gain from this game than the early levels seems to indicate. You can think of those early levels as a training exercise, or as a teaser. They enable you to get a handle for how to play the game and to determine your strategy. This will help you as you continue on in your efforts to master Yoshi’s Crafted World.

4. Katana Zero

Katana Zero is most likely so underrated because it is in a crowded genre. It is another retro action game that seems to have invaded the marketplace in recent years. This game, however, is vastly different than other games out there today so it is certainly worth a play. There is a lot of action built into the game that is actually quite unique and innovative. The beauty of Katana Zero is that it uses time manipulation. This is a gaming strategy that sets it apart from many other video games that you might be used to today. In addition, you wan to be entertained. This game does that with its brilliant blend of music with a most futuristic world that you can’t help but be captivated by. There are not that many games on the market that can do this, so it is amazing that Katana Zero is still so underrated. It will not likely stay that way for long.

3. Islanders

It seems that quite a few games have come out in recent years where you are to build a city. The market is a bit saturated with them, and players have grown a bit tired of having to invest the hours that are typically required to get through the various challenges that these games have built into them. However, Islanders provides a break from all of this. You will get a terrifically designed game that will have you building a futuristic city, but not taking the next decade to do so. It is a strategy game that allows you to quickly construct your very own miniature civilization that thrives across various islands. This game should not be underrated, as it is truly one of the best in its genre that we have seen in recent year.

2. Anno 1800

Ironically, here is yet another city building game. As we mentioned, this is a crowded genre, but this one works as well because it speeds up the pace a bit. This is a strategy based game that will really have you thinking through your next moves as you strive to build a digital empire unlike any that the world has ever seen before. The parameters for playing this game are rather unique, so you will enjoy getting to understand it and then working towards becoming the master of your own empire. It might be underrated, but Anno 1800 has a lot to offer players in 2019.

1. Baba is You

Baba is You is probably so underrated because the concept itself seems a bit odd. You have to really play this one to see why it is such a special game. This is a puzzle game that has a twist built into it. You can actually change the rules of each of the puzzles as you are playing. If that sound quirky, you need to just play it to see why it is so fun and innovative. This is challenging because you must think in ways that you are not used to.

So, these are five games that you should really give a try. Do not listen to the critics. Give them a serious play and see for yourself. Which of these do you already have? What do you think of them? What are some other games that you are thinking are currently underrated? Spread the word and encourage others to play those as well. This is what makes the gaming community so fun, meaningful, and exciting.

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