Memorable Moments in Movies: Amazing Speech Park Scene in Good Will Hunting


People have been dying for Matt Damon to write another screenplay for years.  And it’s no surprise.   Good Will Hunting was incredibly well written (not to mention acted and directed).    Personally this is my favorite scene in the entire movie.  And if you haven’t seen the movie then this scene might certainly make you want to watch the entire film.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen Robin Williams do a better job than right here.


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  1. amazing performance by a truly gifted actor.

    personally, my favourite performance from him was in insomnia – a truly dark performance. The thing that makes his role as a murderer really stand out is his eyes…there is something in his eyes that really gives him an extra dimension, and adds to the air of creepiness he brings to the performance. His scenes with Al Pacino on the boat were fantastic

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