A Gallery of the World’s Best Cosplayer: Jenni Kallberg

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I never quite anticipated this, but through this job I’ve somehow become sort of an expert on cosplay. Not like, to a crazy degree, but when you start to actually recognize the names of cosplayers out there, you know you’re getting familiar with the lifestyle.

Usually you’ll find someone who has a memorable costume or two and not much else, but some cosplayers are so good, they deserve to be called world class. And the best of the best? I think that’s Jenni Kallberg.

She’s the awesome combo of Swedish-Japanese, and you’ll most likely recognize her from her famous Samus outfit years ago. Since then, she’s done more Samus variations, Zelda, Peach, Raiden, Battle Royale characters and more.

Below I’ve compiled my favorite pictures of hers from her website, Pixel Ninja. Definitely go there to check out even more from her. But first, click below:

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  1. I’ve had some of my friends tell me before that they find cosplayers to be an extremely strange bunch.

    I wouldn’t agree with that assessment. They just enjoy a little fantasy more than the rest of us.

    And the sheer level of dedication some of them put into this rather unique hobby of theirs is mind boggling. I wouldn’t like to be spending the time or money in creating the costumes they wear.

  2. Wow she is really, really beautiful. Sucks not to be at her level (I don’t know she probably is no where near Ohio and sounds like a bit of a celebrity, her own website and all).

  3. Yes, she does make her own costumes. I dunno if she’s the best. She does a good job. And I think she picks roles that she at least resembles.

    I think most cosplayers are fine. They are just big fans of something and dress up for conventions or other events. But there are a handful of weirdos who start thinking they are those characters. That’s taking it too far.

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