That Guy Actor of the Week: Jon Gries

All of you know Jon Gries as Uncle Rico from Napoleon Dynamite but Gries has had a career that has spanned back to the 60’s, yes 60s!  Most of his career started to pick up in the 80s but even as a kid, Gries was on the screen.  His first appearance was at the age of 11.

Personally I remember Gries as a crazy werewolf in the movie Monster Squad (what a classic).   Then I remember seeing him as a wacky genius Lazlo Holyfeld  in the movie Real Genius.   Hell he was awesome as the homeless guy Rusty in an episode of Seinfeld.     Gries is no stranger to the camera as he’s made over 107 appearances in movies and film.

Who knows if he’ll ever land another Uncle Rico type role but I definitely look forward to seeing Gries in whatever he appears in next.  

Remember this guy?

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