Little Did We Know, The Avengers’ New York Was Almost All Digital


When you think of “greenscreen” technology, for many of us it’s George Lucas’s prequel trilogy that comes to mind. Live sets were replaced by computer generated backgrounds, and they always made the action seem like yes, this was being filled in a giant empty warehouse.

But we’ve come a long way even a few years later. More and more films and shows are making use of the technology, and it’s evolving to the point where we simply do not notice it anymore. Like, obviously during the climactic New York fight of The Avengers, we knew there was CGI employed. But did you have any idea that due to shooting restrictions in the city, they had to simply recreate an entire chunk of Manhattan completely from scratch using computers?

The video above details the process, and it’s an absolutely fascinating one. If the technology has evolved this much in even a decade, I can’t wait to see what it’ll look like another 10 years from now.

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  1. It was pretty obvious that almost everything was CGI, that whole battle looked like a cut-scene from a video game with the exception of close ups of the actors and extras. That was one of the main reasons why it wasn’t that exciting: you knew it was CGI (that and the monsters were bland).

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