A Tribute To Jesse “The Body” Ventura Movie Appearances

Just the other day I was watching Predator and as I usually do, nearly watched the entire thing.  It’s one of those movies that even when on TNT or TBS you’ll live through it despite commercials.  It’s kind of like “well there may be nothing on TV but at least Predator is on.”

And it got me thinking about how awesome Jesse Ventura used to be in movies.  When you think about it he definitely could have been a smaller version of Arnold Schwarzenegger.  Let’s face it.  The acting back in 80s action movies wasn’t exactly good and Ventura had the voice and swagger to make it happen.  I just don’t know why it never materialized.

Unfortunately he didn’t appear in many films but the unintentional comedy and seriousness that just wasn’t serious warranted a spot on this site.  Here I’ve captured all of his movies except for one…..

The Captain Freedom Workout The Running Man

Best. Commercial. Ever.

The Deathstick Fight – Ricochet


Love that skull tattoo!

Jessa Ventura Predator Tribute

Minute 1:22.  That absolutely made my day.

Tag Team (TV Movie)


I had absolutely no clue about this movie until I looked it up.  This is amazing.  Look how young Shannon Tweed is!  She didn’t even have any implants back then.

The Death Match – Thunderground


The scenes with Jesse are the only parts of the movie worth watching.  I think every time he talks I get a pseudo smile on my face.

Arkham Asylum – Batman and Robin


Yet another movie he was in that featured Arnold.  These guys love each other.  “Welcome home Frost Face.”


Holy shit how did I not know about this movie?  This is incredible.  Granted this is a fake trailer but whoever made this did a hell of a job to represent cheesy 80s action flicks.

*I couldn’t find any Cryocon footage of him in the movie Demolition Man but if anyone has any links please send over.

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  1. Was actually having a discussion the other day about which wrestlers have fared best in film and, though he was never really a cinema regular, Jesse Ventura is certainly up there. You basically have Jesse, Dwayne Johnson (as long as we’re talking pre and post-children’s movies) and Andre for his role in ‘The Princess Bride,’ with honorable mention going to Terry Funk for ‘Road House.’

    Though his role in MacGruber was limited, I’m personally pulling for Chris Jericho as the next wrestler to make the jump.

  2. @ LawlessVictory – don’t forget Rowdy Roddy Piper in “They Live”, and, apparently “Tag Team” as well. And Hulk Hogan certainly made an impression as Thunderlips in Rocky III. Pity his acting success did not continue.

    But yeah, besides the Rock, Ventura’s probably the most successful as an actor. Though I wholeheartedly agree about Jericho (and not just because he and Piper are from my hometown).

  3. @Bert, you’re absolutely right on Piper in “They Live.” I’m legitimately astounded that I forgot that one as it’s probably my favorite of the aforementioned films. Stupid thinking without coffee.

  4. Not a movie, but his X-Files appearance was absolutely the best:

    “You probably thought you saw something up in the sky other than Venus, but I assure you, it was Venus.”

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