Memorable Moments in Movies: Call My Name from The Neverending Story


To this day I think this might be one of the biggest debates in cinematic history.   OK, a big debate amongst people like me who happen to love The Neverending Story.   It’s in one of the final scenes of the movie.   The only way that Bastian can save the amazing world of Fantasia is by giving the childlike empress a new name.

Bastian then proceeds to open a window during a storm and scream out a name at the top of his lungs.   Thing is, what in the hell name does he call out?  Everyone seems to say “Moonchild” because of the video game.  But come on.  It’s like 5 syllables in these scene!

I can’t figure it out and I don’t think I ever will.

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  1. I’ve always thought he said Moon Child.. it sounds like it to me. Moon Chi-ul-d… he does hold it out, but I’m sure that’s what he says… I even used to name my toys that as a kid.. I guess I’ve never heard this debate.

    Okay, I wikied it.. “Bastian races to the attic window, shouts her new name, “Orlivia” (though a crash of thunder nearly renders his shout inaudible)” though the wiki for the book says he names her Moon Child.

    … I have no idea how it could even remotely be that though.. doesn’t even look like he’s saying that.

    You’ve broke my brain too early in the morning.

  2. We need a mash up of this, and American Pie where the flutist is all “Say my name bitch!”

    Also, can’t someone watch the dvd with the subtitles on?

  3. It’s always sounded like Moon Child to me. That’s after trying to figure it out every time I watched it. With all the thunder and shouting prolonged vowels it’s hard to hear. Wasn’t it supposed to be his mothers name? Guess dad married a hippy.

  4. Yup, moonchild, that’s what the script says… and, that’s really stupid, no wonder they didn’t bother doing a second take, I’m just going to go back to the blissful name ignorance I spent the last 28 years, erasing knowledge, now!

    What was her name again? Ah, yes, M-nn-aaaa-na-aaa-ee-aulg-aaa! A lovely name.

  5. @ Dave… They definately made 3, that’s right THREE, “The Neverending Story”s. The other two were not nearly as good, the boy never looks the same, and the father is so completely different in each one it’s like they didn’t bother trying. The third one is absolutely horrible. It even has a teenage Jack Black as the “bully”, and yes, so you don’t need to find out yourself, even then he did the ‘skatting’ for no aparent reason… Side note, I bought the third one for my son and while watching it my brother clear as day said very bluntly “I’m so fucking glad this story came to an end”. Reading it to yourself doesn’t give it nearly the justice it deserves, but if you decide to venture to watching it, about twenty five minutes in, you’ll understand.

  6. Her name IS MoonChild, it’s in the book.

    It’s not his mother’s name though in the book.

    And yes, the book came out way before the movie.

  7. How does it not sound like moon child? It is very obvious that he says moon child. I love this movie but even as a kid I knew what he said and no I don’t have super human hearing.

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