Cash Money, Assemble

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I’ve already extolled the virtues of how good The Avengers is in my review that went up earlier today, but it appears that a ton of people agree with me now that the box office receipts are in. The film made $200M in the US alone this weekend, unseating the last Harry Potter movie for the biggest opening weekned of all time.

This rather cool graphic shows each of the previous record holders, and shows that The Avengers is indeed the biggest jump from one record holder to the last. And yes, yes I know all about inflation and what not that sort of nullifies this chart in a few ways, but still, it’s pretty cool to see.

The movie deserves it. I hope Joss Whedon is doing a rain dance right now as hundred dollar bills fall from the sky.

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  1. What I like is that almost all of these are bonafide geek franchises. This infographic should be called “The Rise of the Nerds”.

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