Leonardo the Crybaby

After looking at this film, I really do have to wonder. What the hell does Leonardo DiCaprio have to do to win an Oscar? He’s literally done everything humanly possible at this point in his career. He’s…

– played a troubled youth (The Basketball Diaries)

– played a mentally retarded kid (What’s Eating Gilbert Grape)

– played a historical figure in a biopic (The Aviator)

– been in a politically conscious acclaimed film (Blood Diamond)

– been in an angsty depressing Oscar nominated drama (Revolutionary Road)

– starred in two Best Picture winners (Titanic, The Departed)

– made sure to give an “emotional” performance in nearly every one of his movies (as seen above)

Really, what else could he do at this point? He’s allegedly doing the “historical figure” thing again in Clint Eastwood’s J. Edgar Hoover biopic, which is two more Oscar ingredients right there, but something tells me that won’t pan out either.

Does he really not deserve it, or are the members of the Academy just being dicks at this point?

[thanks to MadFishesTheBlog for this awesome pic]

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  1. I believe it was on cracked where i read that the academy goes through this vicious cycle with their perennial male lead nominees where deserving male actors in their 30’s or 40’s get snubbed in favor of actors in their 50’s or 60’s who used to be deserving but are then past their prime. I don’t remember all the examples (I think Jack Lemmon, Al Pacino, and Denzel Washington were prominently mentioned) but it was a pretty convincing case. I believe that’s what’s happening to Leo, and he won’t win an Oscar until he’s 55 and for a role in which he plays a lovable mall Santa Claus with Tourette syndrome and an estranged daughter.

  2. [“I don’t remember all the examples (I think Jack Lemmon, Al Pacino, and Denzel Washington were prominently mentioned) but it was a pretty convincing case. “]

    Denzel Washington was still in his prime when he won his two Oscars.

  3. @Rosie: Sort of, but I think most people agree that his best performance was Malcolm X, and he didn’t get his Oscar until 10 years later with… Training Day??

  4. Unfortunately Best Actor is one of those awards that is really about a career. For some reason Best Actress is not, and Best Supporting Actress is the real Novice award.

    The last 20 years of BS – Actresses (see what I did there?)

    1991 – Mercedes Ruehl – Uh, NO!
    1992 – Marisa Tomei – Good performance but Oscar worthy?
    1995 – Mira Sorvino – Commonly known as the Oscar for Pops.
    2002 – Catherine Zeta Jones – Seriously?
    2004 – Cate Blanchett – An Oscar, for nailing the accent?
    2006 – Jennifer Hudson – Ok, she can sing, but maybe she won this because of how bad Beyonce’s acting skills are)
    2009 – Mo’Nique – Seriously? How does Mo’Nique have an Oscar, and Leo, Bale, Willis, Depp, Maria Bello, Meg Ryan and Michelle Pfeiffer do not.

    Both Leo, Depp and Christian Bale will get theirs sooner or later.

    Just don’t EVER give one to Sam Worthington or Shia LaBeouf.

  5. DiCaprio is one of those actors who has a good chance of being nominated in any given year, yet, like others, is repeatedly snubbed. There’s no doubt in my mind that he’ll eventually win one, assuming nothing bad happens, of course. What a shame that would be?!?! However, no matter how many times it happens, or who it happens to, there will always be someone feeling a little jaded about those who win, and those who do not. You just have to look at it like this, whether they win or not, it will never make the movie less enjoyable.

    There is no doubt that DiCaprio should have won an Oscar, or multiple Oscars even, but that’s not to say that some of the actors you mentioned weren’t deserving. I for one have never seen Benigni’s film, so I honestly can’t say anything to discredit him. Correct me if I’m wrong, but Cage won the award for Leaving Las Vegas, an enjoyable movie when I saw it, but that was many, many years ago. Also, without knowing the competition in the category, I couldn’t say whether it Oscar-worthy or not. As for Cuba Gooding Jr., he should have won one for Boyz In The Hood. That being said, he was pretty good in Jerry Maguire, even if I think Tom Cruise was more deserving, different categories, I know, just saying. Cruise was also damn good in The Last Samurai, another great roll that was snubbed, but I digress. Last but not least, I’m not sure why you mentioned Jamie Foxx, he has two, if I’m not mistaken. One for Collateral, and one for Ray, both rolls were very well done, especially Ray. It’s not like he won it for Booty Call, you know!

    *This is mainly aimed at your last post, but in no way am I saying you’re wrong. Pretty much agree with most of what you said, well… except for Foxx, that’s about it. Enjoy the movies!

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