Nine Movies You Should Be Pumped to See in 2009


2008 has come and gone, and it’s time to start making breaking resolutions.  Since I already got drunk and high before noon on January 5th, I’m sort of finished with resolutions and I can look forward to movies that will be released this year.  Some of the movies coming out in 2009 you may have heard about years ago, and others you may not have even heard about at all.  Here are nine movies set to be released in 2009 that I am pumped to see – and you should be, too.  Let’s hope we’re not disappointed.

The Watchmen


Why I’m pumped: Come on.  Who isn’t pumped for the big screen adaptation of Alan Moore’s graphic novel?

Why it could suck:  I may be in the minority, but I was underwhelmed by Zack Snyder’s 300, which was nearly all style and no substance.  Let’s hope the same can’t be said for The Watchmen.

The Soloist


Why I’m pumped:  Joe Wright is a phenomenal director (did you see Atonement?) and the cast is top notch.

Why it could suck:  It could be a case of a movie with a great cast but little else going for it.  I remain optimistic.

Terminator: Salvation


Why I’m pumped:  Christian Bale as John Connor, and it’s a friggin Terminator movie.

Why it could suck:  Terminator 3.  Nuff said.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine


Why I’m pumped:  Wolverine slicing and dicing on the big screen is always fun, and Liev Schrieber is a great actor and can give us an awesome Sabretooth.  Plus, Deadpool.

Why it could suck: It could suffer from the Spidey 3 problem of too many villains and not enough plot.



Why I’m pumped:  James Cameron + sci fi = gold.

Why it could suck: There’s so much hype surrounding this movie, and Sam Worthington is unproved as of now.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince


Why I’m pumped:  These movies have all been good, especially from The Prisoner of Azkaban on.

Why it could suck: Harry’s got a love interest in this movie, which is an easy concept to fumble.

The Box


Why I’m pumped:  The short story upon which this is based – The Button – is creepy and intriguing, and Richard Kelly can make a good movie when he’s on (Donnie Darko).

Why it could suck: Richard Kelly also made Southland Tales, so let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

Inglorious Basterds


Why I’m pumped:  It’s Tarantino, war, and Brad Pitt.  Holla.

Why it could suck:  It won’t.  Even Jackie Brown was a good movie.

The Road


Why I’m pumped:  It’s based on the novel by Cormac McCarthy, one of the best I’ve read in years.  And if you recall, the last movie based on a Cormac McCarthy novel was pretty friggin good.  Even better, Viggo seems to get better and better in every role he plays.

Why it could suck:  Movies rarely measure up favorably to the books upon which they are based, and The Road may be a tough adaptation to pull off.

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  1. I am also looking forward to a few movies. The Slammin Salmon, Street Fighter, Prince of Persia, and Transformers 2. Now, some of these certainly might suck. But I am still excited and will spend $10 on each of them. Well, $20 if i bring the woman….

  2. This is a really lame list. You don’t tell us anything about the movies and it’s pretty obvious you just ripped the list off of someone else’s website.

  3. i like this list although its missing a few big players in the cartoon area : monsters vs. aliens looks fantastic and has a stand up cast. Coraline looks stunning, also you cant forget that Robert Downy Jr. is set to do Sherlock Holmes later in the year… and if he keeps up with the stellar performances it should be a great movie.

  4. Good list, like Myron Tay, I bought the Watchmen graphic novel and I’m pumped. Looking forward to Angels and Demons as well, though I may read the book before seeing the movie (just finished Da Vinci Code, embarassed it took me long enough to finally pick up and read). Also I agree with Inglorius Bastards, except Tarantino as an actor? Step aside and let Pitt have the on-screen glory my friend. I’m really excited though, in a year where the economy is falling, I’ll be giving back by seeing almost all these movies in theatre!

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