Weekly Movie Rec: Friends with Benefits

Whoa, whoa, whoa Paul. You mean to tell me that you’re recommending the Mila Kunis/Justin Timberlake rom com that is a direct rip-off of Natalie Portman/Ashton Kutcher’s No Strings Attached out just a few months earlier?

Yeah, I am, and I’m as surprised as you are.

I’ve seen both films, and though they share many similarities (mainly the central premise of “let’s be f-buddies with no feelings, but oh wait, we do have feelings”), but it’s an exercise in how the same concept can be done in a much better way through acting and writing. The film feels authentic, as does the chemistry between Kunis and Timberlake, something that was absent in the Portman Kutcher pairing. The film is far more crude than your average chick flick, and in turn, far more funny as well. As skeptical as I was going in, I was surprised to find myself laughing throughout, and coming out on the other side ready to recommend it to others.

It’s definitely one of my biggest surprises this year so far, though it’s no 500 Days of Summer or anything that profound, it’s a surprisingly good date film that both genders can enjoy. Kunis and Timberlake’s respective attractiveness make that even easier as well.

Alright, next week I’ll probably be back with more horror and action, so enjoy this lull while it lasts.

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  1. I have to agree with you on this one! I did like crap…what was the other one? No strings attached, I did. BUT, that being said, this one is definitely better! It was actually funny! I had been thinking about seeing it but when I saw your review I watched it and I’m glad I did, it was pretty good! 😀

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