Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom – Spirit Temple Boss Guide

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom has up to seven different temples to conquer, including the Spirit Temple. They each offer new mechanics and challenges to make them uniquely their own. Gaining access to this temple will happen by default pretty late in the game. Link will need to reach this temple in the depths at the end of the ‘Guidance from Ages Past’ quest. Additionally, Link will also need a Construct to officially gain access through its gates. Be sure to have a healthy amount of Zonai charges stocked up. Any type of movement will use up the Zonai batteries attached to the Construct. Once it’s fully drained, it’ll be sluggish and won’t be of much use to Link.

Link’s vitality is attached to the Construct. So, if it takes damage, Link will also lose hearts. At the beginning of the Spirit Temple, there will be a few attachments to choose from to use as weapons for the Construct. The Flame Thrower and Spiked Ball are recommended for the highest damage output. Getting through the Spirit Temple is a dank, dark, and dangerous venture. Once Link and his Construct finally make it to the end, they will face the Spirit Temple Boss, the Seized Construct. This enemy is basically a possessed Golem that will attack Link and his Construct with crushing blows.

So, when Link enters the arena, the Seized Construct will leap out and a brawling match will commence. This fight is kind of like the “Rock ’em, Sock ’em Robots” of years past. Players will find themselves in a boxing ring, trading blows between the two Constructs at the end of the Spirit Temple. The fight itself isn’t too difficult in comparison to other bosses in Tears of the Kingdom. However, there are some signs to be aware of to effectively beat this boss. He is a tanky enemy and simply beating on him won’t do a whole lot of good. There is a specific way to damage this boss, which takes a step-by-step process to execute.

First Phase of the Seized Construct

So, when the fight starts, look for the rocket launcher and spiked ball in the arena. Just in case these attachments weren’t found beforehand. Players will need to be pretty aggressive toward the Seized Construct. So, players will need to fire their rocket launcher to stun this boss. He tends to shake off his dazed state pretty quickly. So, it is advised to make fast work with him. When he is stunned, whack him with the spiked ball around three times to send him flying to the ropes. This fight is different in comparison to the standard sword and shield combat that the Legend of Zelda is known for. The Spirit Temple is unique with its mechanics and it goes all the way down to its boss fight.

The thing to keep in mind is that there will be no damage output to the attacks given to the Seized Construct. The only way to damage him is by knocking him into the ropes. The electrified barriers will begin chipping away at his lifebar. The Seized Construct does have projectiles that can come in pretty fast. So, be sure to stay on the move to dodge them. He is also a nimble boss, leaping around the arena to keep players on their toes. If you get in too close before stunning him, he will attack will his arms. Which can take away a good chunk of Link’s hearts. He also comes with a dashing attack, which is signaled with his arms before he does it. So, just run around him to avoid getting hit by this attack. Whenever the Seized Construct enters its second phase, this move will become enhanced.

Second Phase of the Seized Construct

So, after doing this strategy for a little while, the Seized Construct will enter its second phase of the fight. He will sprout a couple of extra tentacles and will become juiced up. Generally, the Seized Construct will be faster and more damaging with its attacks. On top of that, he will start hovering above the arena, launching projectiles down onto Link. There’s not much you can do, except wait for him to land. Keep moving and try not to let the projectiles hit you. Also, avoid corners as much as possible. The Seized Construct will have a few attempts to hurt Link with its missiles. Then, it will finally land on its feet.

When this happens, repeat the same attack pattern as the first phase. Blast it with your rocket launcher to stun it, then hit it three times with a melee attack. Of course, the major difference here is that the Seized Construct is harder to make contact with. The second phase of this fight is a “lay back and wait” strategy, which can be difficult sometimes when trying to conquer the Spirit Temple. When it is in the air, look for a tell that it is about to do a “diving attack.” It will reach its arms out and wave them around for a moment. Then, it will torpedo itself toward Link, which will be highly damaging. So, when you see the tell for this, just run around it to avoid getting hit.


Generally, speaking the Spirit Temple boss in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is a white-knuckled fight. Players will need to be fairly aggressive to destroy the Seized Construct. He is not the trickiest boss in Tears of the Kingdom’s rogue gallery. However, his attacks can tear down Link and his Construct quickly if players aren’t careful. The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is now available for Nintendo Switch.

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