Paul and Benny Talk GTA V

Gamemoir meets Unreality EP. 1- Grand Theft Auto V by Gamemoir on Mixcloud

Benny’s new site Gamemoir crossed over with Unreality this weekend as we both met up (virtually) for a podcast to discuss, what else? Grand Theft Auto 5.

Our hour-long conversation spanned probably the first half to two-thirds of the storyline, so beware spoilers those of you who haven’t gotten super far yet. We discuss all manner of topics and controversies from the game’s humor, to its gender issues to ultimately whether or not it lives up to the hype. In short, I like it, but I can already tell it’s not my game of the year.

Check out the podcast above where I’m very proud of my new Yeti mic I bought for the few times I actually record things like this.

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  1. Paul! Benny! You guys have to keep this up! I used to listen to a bunch of 1up podcasts (RIP) but haven’t found anything to fill in the space left behind. I would seriously love if this was a weekly or daily feature.

    And Paul, your voice does not sound anything like what I thought it would. But I’m pumped about a possible Unreality podcast. Keep it up!!!

  2. We did plan for this to be a regular thing every other week since this will be on Gamemoir too. However, once I get used to the workload since I record, edit and upload the podcasts… we’ll try to do it every week!

  3. Thanks for directing me to that piece in the New Yorker. An interesting read; not the most productive comments section ever, but the article itself raised a couple of interesting points, as did some of the discussion below.

  4. Benny confirmed as pothead. Paul should have directed his wife to fly out over the ocean until she crashed and got eaten by a shark so we could hear her reaction in the background.

    Red Dead had some decent female side characters, but every side character in GTA is there for satirical purposes regardless of gender so I wouldn’t look for positive female representation there.

    I really didn’t like the torture scene either. I understand what RockStar was doing with it, but it should have been optional because as a gamer it made me not have fun in a game I was having fun playing. I’m already anti-torture so forcing me to do that didn’t shine any light on something I didn’t realize, it just depressed me.

    I agree with Paul 100% regarding GTAV’s GOTY potential. It’s great and I love it, but there’s too much been there, done that to consider it the best of the year.

    Good talk, you two.

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