The Changes We’re Expecting from the KOTOR Remake

KOTOR Remake

KOTOR refers to Knights of the Old Republic. This can refer to a number of products in the old Star Wars expanded universe. However, it tends to refer to the first Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, which was a 2003 RPG successful enough to launch its own RPG series. Currently, the game is being remade. Something that will presumably mean changes in some places but no changes in others.

The General Course of the Story Will Presumably Remain the Same

The original game had player customization. Essentially, interested individuals can choose a gender for their character, choose a look for their character, and choose a class that influenced what their character was and wasn’t good at. Under normal circumstances, one would assume that player customization would be pretty much guaranteed to show up in the remake. However, this is one of the rare cases for which there is a non-zero chance that it will be removed. This is because the player-character of the original game was given a canon look as well as a canon outcome, which proved to be important in the still-running MMORPG called Star Wars: The Old Republic. As such, there is a non-zero chance that the people behind the remake will choose to remove player customization in preference for having a preset character. Having said that, interested individuals shouldn’t bet on this. Player customization was an important feature in the original game, meaning that its removal would necessitate the removal of a lot of optional content. Even worse, this is the kind of thing that would infuritate the original game’s player base, which tends to be an important segment of the target audience. In exchange, the people behind the remake gets to be more in-line with the canon of an expanded universe that isn’t even canon anymore. Something that doesn’t exactly seem like a worthwhile trade-off. Instead, it seems safest to say that the story of the remake will remain the same as the story of the original in the broad strokes if not necessarily in the details. The original didn’t exactly have the greatest story ever written. However, it was perfectly serviceable, meaning that it would be very strange to change it without a very good reason. The fine details are much likelier to see changes, if only because the original was written almost two decades ago. Thanks to that, what was once considered suitable might not be considered suitable in the present time, meaning that some rewrites could prove to be beneficial for the project as a whole.

The Gameplay Will Presumably See Serious Changes

If there is one aspect of the game that will see serious changes, it would be the gameplay. There are some things that will need to be tweaked for the sake of offering a better experience. To name an example, the original had the player start out with a non-Jedi class. However, this was a serious issue because non-Jedi classes were weaker than Jedi classes, which was particularly noticeable because interested individuals could hit the level cap quite a while before the end of the game. As such, the player was discouraged from advancing in their chosen non-Jedi class as much as possible so that they could dump everything into their chosen Jedi class instead. Suffice to say that this is the kind of thing that would need to be changed for any remake because it was very frustrating.

Meanwhile, there are other things that would need to be changed altogether. In particular, it seems safe to say that the remake won’t be retaining the original’s turn-based combat system. For starters, this is because it was based on the Star Wars Roleplaying Game put out by Wizards of the Coast, which is now out-of-print because the official Star Wars tabletop RPG is now a game of the same name being put out by Fantasy Flight Games. As such, chances are good that its turn-based combat system won’t be making a return for the remake. Still, it is unclear what its replacement would look like. Theoretically, it is possible that the remake will have its own take on a turn-based combat system. However, it seems likelier that it will be something more action-oriented in nature for a couple of reasons. One, the turn-based combat system can feel very outdated, which is presumably not a desirable outcome for a remake rather than a remaster. Two, something more action-oriented in nature might serve to bring in a wider range of interested individuals because there is a well-established consumer base for action RPGs in the present time.

The Quests Will Presumably See Serious Changes

Chances are also very good that the quests will see some serious changes. As mentioned earlier, it seems safe to say that the broad strokes of the story will remain the same. Thanks to that, interested individuals should expect the planets that showed up in the original to show up in the remake. However, the kind of quests that can be found on those planets presumably won’t remain the same, particularly since most of them were side quests rather than main quests. It would be strange if the people behind the remake didn’t take the chance to improve on the original content. For that matter, it would be strange if the people behind the remake didn’t take the chance to add to the original content, whether that means new areas or something even more ambitious in nature. As for the party members, this would be a good way to improve on them as well. They were serviceable. However, none of the party members from the original were particularly memorable, as shown by how they have faded from popular recollection for the most part. For comparison, Kreia from the second Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic still gets mentioned in certain circles from time to time, if only because there are people out there who absolutely hated the viewpoint that she espoused. The original did make an effort to explore who the party members were as well as what the party members cared about through side quests. Still, their not particularly impressive effect means that there is room for improvement in this regard.

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