Is Baked Potauntaun on the Menu For Thanksgiving?


Indiegogo is known for a number of wacky campaigns but often times they’re not necessarily in line with our site.  I’m not even 100% sure if this is but since we’ve got a Star Wars theme here, we’ll stretch the bar a bit.   Here’s how the story goes.

It’s an age-old story: A loyal Tauntaun sacrifices itself to provide life-saving warmth for a future Jedi in its steamy entrails. Now recreate the legend at your own dinner table. The Tauntaun—faithfully played by the baked potato on your plate—serves himself up to a young Jedi master, aka a lump of butter frozen into a Luke-like shape using the included freezer mold. Reenact the fateful moment when Han eviscerates the beast: slice open your erstwhile companion and insert Luke inside.

For full directions on this amazing delicacy you can check out the Indigogo page

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