20 Things You Didn’t Know About Adam Driver

For many people, their first impressions of Adam Driver came when they watched “Star Wars” The Force Awakens” but this wasn’t his first role as an actor. It was just another step in what is shaping up to be an amazing career. He’s best known for his role as Kylo Ren but there are many things about him that people are not aware of. We’re here to share 20 things about Adam Driver that you didn’t know to help you become a little better acquainted with him.

1. He beat out Michael Fassbender

Here’s a fun fact that many people don’t know about the role of Kylo Ren. The casting directors were strongly considering giving the part to two other actors before awarding it to Adam Driver. The first consideration was Michael Fassbender. The second was Hugo Weaving. They didn’t give any reasons for their considerations, but we’re glad that they made the choice that they did because we couldn’t imagine anyone else playing the part of Kylo Ren.

2. Adam had some things in common with Kylo Ren

When it came to strained relationships with parents, Adam Driver and Kylo Ren had this in common. This helped him in playing the role because Driver has gone through his share of relationship problems with his biological father. He also experienced problems with his stepfather, who was a Baptist minister and ran the house with very strict religious rules. He didn’t have things easy as a young person.

3. He was successful before Star Wars

Prior to appearing as Kylo Ren in “Star Wars: The Force Awakens,” Adam Driver was already on the fast track to success. He played the part of Adam Sackler on “Girls.” He also appeared in “This is Where I Leave You: as Phillip Altman, He was Louis Ironson in “Angels in America on Broadway” and Al Cody for “Inside Llewyn Davis.” He does a great job when he’s cast as the brooder and it makes us all wonder what he would be like in a more lighthearted role. We’re all hoping that at some time in the near future we’ll get to find out.

4. He had to lose a lot of weight for a movie role

One thing that many of Adam Driver’s fans aren’t aware of is the fact that he had to lose thirty pounds prior to the filming of the movie “Silence.” He’s a tall, slim and good looking actor but the role that he played called for him to have a gaunt appearance. One of the things that he did to prepare was to skip lunch every day. This was something that could not have been good for his physical health, but he did it anyway. This is extreme dedication. In addition to losing the thirty pounds before filming began, he continued to lose weight throughout the progression of the filming and he lost another 20 pounds before the project was completed.

5. He sold vacuum cleaners for a living before stardom

Adam Driver had some rough patches in his life before he became a superstar in the acting business. In the process of becoming an adult, he learned how tough it can be out there in the real world. When things didn’t work out for him in the military or at school, he had to take any job that he could get just to keep a roof over his head. His step-father and mother wanted to make sure that he understood the necessity of working for a living so they made him pay them $200 in rent per month to live with them while he was trying to get his life in order. He went door to door as a salesman and he also worked for a waterproofing business as a telemarketer.

6. Adam Driver was a Marine

Driver signed up for the Marines after the attacks of September 11. He disclosed that it was during an argument that he was having with his stepfather that the idea first occurred to him. It was a comment that the man had made to him during the heated exchange suggesting he join the Marine Corps. At first he wasn’t interested in joining up, but he thought about it. He contacted a recruiter and liked what he was told and after the discussion, he had made up his mind and couldn’t join up fast enough. He was on a mission to become a man in the military.

7. He set up a fight club as a teenager

While Driver was still in high school, he established a fight club. He set up rules that protected the vital areas of a man’s nether regions. You couldn’t hit anyone there in a fight. he made the club open to almost everyone and held the fights in a large field of grass. He shared that the guys would go out there and hold their fighting events in the middle of the night.

8. He doesn’t see himself as a sex symbol

Although Adam Driver is a handsome guy and a good actor, he’s never really seen himself as a sex symbol. In fact, it was a surprise to him that he is being viewed in that way. He has reservations about his looks and thinks that his face is “really big.” Even though he sees himself in this way, it’s not how others see him. Hes been featured on how multiple fashion covers and spreads and has also been photographed by the famed Annie Leibovitz. It’s still hard for him to understand girls see him as a sex symbol.

9. His wife helps him with fashion and style

When it comes to personal grooming, dressing and his style, he’s not alone in making the decisions. His wife Joanne Tucker is a big influence and she makes sure that he keeps up his appearance in a style that is fitting for his current status. Adam freely admits that when it comes to fashion she definitely is more savvy than he is and he listens to her suggestions and follows her recommendations. If it were up to him, he’d still be running around in clothing that you’d typically see a 15 year old dressed in.

10. He loved his time in the Marines

Driver talked about how easy it was for him to adapt to his new life in the Marine Corps. He was in training at Camp Pendleton. He shared that he had never been an athletic type who played sports in school, but he liked the camaraderie of the guy in the military and it was a completely different lifestyle than he was accustomed to. He said that he truly loved the lifestyle and that it changed his life in some very profound ways. He wasn’t able to remain in the Armed forces though. Before Driver was to be deployed, he was in a mountain bike accident and as a result he broke his sternum and had to return home because he was not physically able to perform the required duties because of the accident.

11. He established a non-profit for the troops

Proof of the respect and admiration that Driver has for the men and women in the armed forces is shown in the non-profit organization that he established. Arts in the Armed Forces is just one of the ways that he says thanks by bringing theater to the troops. Adam, along with his spouse Joanne created the organization and they put together a team that shows veterans of the military what kinds of programs and opportunities are available for them.

12. He was accepted at Juilliard

It’s really difficult to get into Juilliard, and before Driver was accepted into the prestigious school, his application was rejected. He didn’t give up thought. He continued to apply and eventually he made it. It takes a great deal of commitment to make it at the school for the best of the very best. It was during his time there that he met his wife Joanne Tucker.

13. Driver has an intensity that moves emotions

During his time at Julliard, Driver focused very hard on his studies and perfecting his craft, which was acting. It was as though he was trying to make up for time that he’d lost. His passion was evident and when he would perform in class with other students watching, his acting was so intense and hard core that it made several of the students cry. It had become apparent that he was a very talented actor with a special gift and he was just in the process of developing those talents and already able to captivate the attention and emotions of spectators.

14. He was sheltered as a child

Adam Driver was brought up in a very religious home. His mother and preacher stepfather had kept him sheltered from much of the outside world. You wouldn’t know it by watching him perform as an actor because he nails every role that he delivers and he doesn’t come across as someone who is naive or overly protected from life. In fact, his performance as Kylo Ren was so compelling that he seemed to be the embodiment of true evil when he was raised in an environment that was just the opposite.

15. He is highly critical of his own work

Here’s another fact that not many people know about Adam Driver. He’s his own biggest critic. He shared that he’s only watched the pilot of “Girls” once. He viewed it on a laptop and he thought that the acting was really terrible. He said that he became aware of every mistake that was made. This is pretty harsh judgment coming from a guy who’s receiving a lot of positive press from fans and movie critics, but it’s just how he is. So, in case you’re wondering, he’s not the kind of guy that spends a lot of time admiring his work on screen because of some huge ego trip. In fact, he’s a really humble guy

16. He hosted Saturday Night Live

Here’s another fun fact about Adam Driver that not everyone is aware of. Did you know that in 2016 he hosted SNL? His humor is more of a deadpan style and this was the perfect venue for him to show the world what he’s capable of doing. He did multiple skits and even poked fun at the Kylo Ren character. He’s actually got a good sense of humor.

17. He got sick on Pizza when making a commercial

How many of you were aware that Adam Driver was in a pizza commercial? We didn’t know this until we did a little sleuthing and discovered this cool fact. What wasn’t so great about it is that he was in a scene that required he and a group of others to eat a lot of pizza. After eating the pizza, he became really sick.

18. He made a really short move to LA

This is a fact about Adam Driver that is kind of embarrassing for him to talk about. After his first attempt to enter Julliard resulted in rejection, he jumped into his 1990 model Lincoln Town Car and drove from Indiana to Los Angeles with the full intention of moving there. His car broke down in Texas and it wasn’t a great trip to begin with. By the time he reached LA, his funds were strained and he was only able to stay there for two days. He said what made it tough is that he had already told his family and friends goodbye and left for the big city. He had to return home and wasn’t even gone for four days.

19. He didn’t see Kylo Ren as a villain

Here is another interesting fact about Adam Driver. He played the role of Kylo Ren so well that it makes us wonder how much he identified with the character. While may of us see him as a hard core bad guy, this wasn’t how Driver viewed him He actually saw Kylo Ren as somewhat of a devoted zealot who could justify his abhorrent actions as being moral from the point of view that he maintained.

20. Adam isn’t that into the internet

This is a fact about Adam Driver that we found a bit surprising. He isn’t that fond of the internet. He sees it as a type of instant gratification. He believes that the content that people watch on the net are mediocre and not necessarily even good.

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