This Week In Movie Trailers!


Hey everyone, it’s This Week In Movie Trailers! time again! Good week for everyone I hope; I know it was for me, mainly due to the amazing weather we are finally getting!

So, for this week we have a ton of trailers to get through, so let’s dive right into things, shall we?

Deliver Us From Evil

Not sure about this one. Kinda looks like a jumbled mess, but I could very much be wrong. I’ll be wary on this one.

22 Jump Street

Here’s another, Red Band, trailer for the sequel of 21 Jump Street. Looks like they are trying a bit too hard this time around to be funny, but I enjoyed the last one so I will definitely check this out.


Woa, OK, now this is a creepy ass trailer. I really want to see this!

Planes: Fire & Rescue


The Expendables 3

PRESENT! OK wait.. what the heck is up with Jet Li’s face?! Also, Mel Gibson should be in way more things.

I Origins

Fun fact, I always thought I kept seeing 1:11 for the longest time. Anyway, neat concept for a movie!

Wish I was Here

Hey it’s everyone’s friend, Zach Braff. Didn’t he get this funded by us peeps from Kick Starter, which was kind of odd to me? I don’t know.

How To Train Your Dragon 2

This looks great! I really enjoyed the first one, so I Will definitely be checking this baby out. Too bad his voice didn’t age in those five years.


I love food so I might like this movie. That said, time for lunch!



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