“Arya” the Fastest Rising Name for Girls This Year


I swear I was having this exact conversation during Game of Thrones last week.

“We should name one of our kids Tyrion. That’s a badass name”

“No, but I’d maybe name a girl Arya.”

Turns out that sentiment is replicating itself all over the country, and a whole bunch of people are now actually naming their little girls Arya. It’s the name rising in popularity the fastest for girls, jumping from #413 to #298 in one year alone.

Will our kids be growing up running around with a bunch of Robbs, Cerseis, Tywins, Theons and Aryas someday? Perhaps, and that would be freaking awesome.

[via Nerd Approved]

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  1. My wife suggested that name when we were thinking of our daughter’s name over a year ago. She was not a GOT watcher, or GRRM reader, but it popped up a lot in searches for girls’ name.
    Even though I love the books and the character, I vetoed it because I didn’t want to be that guy who named his daughter on some nerd sh*t!

  2. My daughter was almost named Arya. Its quite the indian name but has nerd cred too.

    My boy is named Rohan as in the Lord of the Rings. But also a popular indian name. Heh and this way i get to call any future girlfriend of his a ‘Rider of rohan’

  3. i have a friend who named his son Nemo about 6 months before Finding Nemo came out. Poor kid still probably got asked everyday if he’s named after a fish.

  4. A friend of mine named he son “Yoshi”. Yup. THE Yoshi. (I know it’s a japanese name, but the dinosaur was the reason she named him that way)

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