If the Fake Movies of Seinfeld Were Real


Over the course of its long, rich comedic life, Seinfeld created many fake films that the gang supposedly went to go see. Now, artist Old Red Jalopy has used the power of photoshop to bring them to life.

There’s the famed Rochelle Rochelle above (recast with Anne Hathaway), but the classics are all here from Chunnel (with Daniel Craig) and Prognosis Negative (with Hugh Jackman).

I’m surprised it took someone this long to do this, but now that they finally have, it’s amazing. Check out the rest below.

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  1. I only missed “The pain and the yearning” in which “An old woman experiences pain and yearning” for 192 minutes…. Kramer’s reaction: “Hmm… that’s a lot of yearning!”

  2. These are very well done. However “If the films of Seinfeld were real” they would have come out between 1989 and 1998. These posters seem to all feature actors that were not acting in major motion pictures at that time. There is no way a film coming out prior to 1998 would have tina fey or channing tatum. I love this concept but wish that the effort put into making the posters visually was also put into casting the films with actors that would have been in them at the time of release.

  3. agree with Aaron; and would take it even a little farther with directors then too. Like yes, Lars Von Trier could make an erotic film, but Rochelle Rochelle is always described as pretty terrible. A more apt filmmaker should be linked to each film for just a slight bit more humor. In this case Rochelle Rochelle is clearly a Tinto Brass film.

    Regardless of this slight change, these are pretty wonderful.

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