Five Classic 80s Sitcoms That Still Always Seem to Be on TV


There aren’t too many television shows that are rewatchable.  And by that I mean you can see each episode at least five times without getting tired of them.  The best part about these shows is that aside from hairstyles and clothing, they are completely timeless.  Sure you might see feathered hair but the subject matter is always relevant.

Family, love, careers, and everything you’d want in “life” are explored on these shows.  I guess it’s no surprise that they’re constantly picked up by Nickelodeon and The Hallmark Channel.  Hell even Ovation and WE are getting into the mix.

For some reason, these five shows are always on, and they always end up in my DVR list (mainly because no good sitcoms exists anymore, but that’s another argument altogether).



You can catch that on some weird channel here in NYC.  I think it’s like 83 or something.  Honestly I don’t even know the network.  But I’m willing to bet that in every state some channel has Cheers appearing in syndication.  And why the hell not?  The show rules.

The Cosby Show


I will never, ever get tired of the sweaters.  Although I have to say once Olivia (Raven Simone) came onto the show it kind of fell a bit.  The moments between she and Cosby were awesome but I loved when Rudy was cute.  Those were the days on that show.

Who’s The Boss


I’ve literally watched like 5 season already on DVR because it’s been on so much.  Talk about a classic case of a show being way better in the first few seasons.  Does anyone notice how domesticated and lame Tony gets over the years?  He was so tough in the beginning.  College Tony sucks.  And how gay is Jonathan?  That hair!!!  Mona sucks by the way.   I can’t stand whenever she’s in the room.

Full House

Full House

Just to see the Olsen twins trips me out every single time.  That and John Stamos with really long hair.  I still can’t get over Bob Saget and the fact that he uttered the line “You ever suck d*ick for coke?” in Half Baked while being known mostly for playing Danny Tanner.

The Golden Girls


Well let’s give it up for Betty White.  She’s the only Golden Girl left and she’s still going strong.

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  1. It just squeaks in but The Simpsons are still always on, I know they’re still making new ones but I prefer the oldies. The jokes were better…I miss Troy McClure! =)

  2. Family Matters, Saved by the Bell and Seinfeld all started in 1989, so they barely get in. All of them air constantly. Seinfeld is a given, but Nick likes Family Matters and Saved by the Bell a lot.

    Can’t forget Married… with Children. It has been on TBS/Spike/TV Land/CW and now Comedy Central at some point in the 2000’s.

    And while Home Improvement is from 91, I just want to say that it is a great re-watchable show.

  3. “I still can’t get over Bob Saget and the fact that he uttered the line “You ever suck d*ick for coke?” in Half Baked while being known mostly for playing Danny Tanner.”

    Have you seen him in “The Aristocrats”?

  4. I know that Cheers is on at like midnight on Hallmark channel, right after two hours of Golden Girls.

    And Who’s the Boss is on at noon or so on the Hallmark channel, once again.

  5. why are you watching this shit? you really took the time to watch FIVE seasons of ‘who’s the boss’? jesus, there is far better television to expose yourself to!

  6. @vidiot… Some people like to watch nostalgic sitcoms from when they grew up. Sure there’s better TV, but sometimes you can’t beat taking a trip down memory lane. The Dark Knight was awesome, but watching Michael Keaton say, “You wanna get nuts?! LET’S GET NUTS!” is far more entertaining. It’s just the way things are, new doesn’t always equal better.

  7. Hahaha. You are hauriiols. I also love the Cosby Show and, of course, the opening sequences. I’m glad you appreciate the creativity and quality dance-esque scenes they created for us as much as I do. I think you could have been a Huxtable.

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