Possibly The Most Awkward Michael Jackson GIF of all time


I’m quite certain this is probably some GIF that was going around the internet at some point but all I know is that I happened to have missed it.  So just in case any of you out there didn’t get a chance to see it, here it is!

This is part of some TV skit from a small show that the Jackson 5 had back in the 70s and needless to say the 3 or 4 seconds edited to make this GIF are pretty weird/funny.

Also, this is in no way me ranting on Michael Jackson or anything like that.  It’s just a wacky GIF I wanted to share.

The longer scene is actually after the jump

Michael Jackson

I don’t get it.

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  1. The other siblings put something into his food and made him fall over. Little did he know that over the years what they added to his food would make his skin grow more and more white.

  2. I was wondering where this post went, I thought it was really funny when I came and saw the original post of this, I came back like 20 minutes later and it was gone.

    great stuff though…

  3. This is a clip from a parody the Jackson Bros. did of the cereal ad where older brothers don’t like it and they say “Let’s get Mikey – he’ll eat anything”. They shove the cereal over to Michael but he eats it and falls over. The person who cut and posted this could only be a hater.

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