If Tim Burton Made Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones Gothic 6


It’s hard to believe that Game of Thrones is finally coming back in just a few short weeks. While we wait, I imagine I’ll have quite a lot of GoT-themed posts on deck to tide you over. Today we’ll start things off with this gallery from Hogan McLaughlin (via io9).

He’s remade most of the major characters from Game of Thrones in a gothic animation style that is indeed a bit Nightmare Before Christmas-y if you ask me. The lank limbs, dark eyes. It’s Burton-ish, through and through. Though if he was making Game of Thrones, we would have had Johnny Depp as Ned Stark and Helena Bonham Carter as Cersei Lannister.

Check out the full gallery below, but avoid his DeviantArt page above which I’m told has some spoilers in it.

Game of Thrones Gothic 2


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  1. Anyone know who all of the images are supposed to be?

    Best I can figure is:
    -Stark Clan
    -The Targaryens
    -White Walker?
    -The Hound
    -Renly Baratheon & Margaery Tyrell
    -The Greyjoys
    -The Starks again
    -The Lannisters

  2. @alex

    first blank I would say is Cerci and someone,

    next blank is the Martells most likely

    also the one you guessed as a white walker, I think is Lady Stoneheart

  3. Just because someone puts little dark circles around their drawings eyes does not make them “Tim Burtonesque”. These are not that well drawn, they have little character, they all look alike, and as an artist it irritates me to no end that so many mediocre artists are getting masses of (online)media attention because they draw something that resembles another artists characters or styles. It speaks volumes when people have a hard time telling the characters apart.

  4. So after actually looking at the deviant art collection the one I thought was a White Walker is a White Walker. The first blank is Cersei and Sansa, and the second blank are the Martell’s.

    Paul I think this might be a good instance to caption the photos.

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