How Do You Get Better at Akinator?

To say that the gaming world is evolving would be a grow understatement. While the normal interactive game like Madden, Halo, and Grand Theft Auto are still major sellers among gamers, there is an entirely new universe of games that focus on a wide range of concepts that stimulate the mind and provide hours of fun. One abstract concept that is building momentum rapidly is the intellectual game called Akinator. The basic idea behind the game is simple to advance in the game is an entirely different endeavor. The goal is simply to keep the Akinator from guessing the character you have chosen. The Akinator will simply ask questions that you have to answer honestly, and it will soon guess the character. The longer it takes the higher the score and awards you win. Here are 10 Tips that will help to be better at the game.

1. Being Honest Does Not Mean Being Direct

If you are one of those people who believe that honesty is about being direct, you will not do well at all. Ultimately you have to answer the question honestly without revealing obvious information about the character you have chosen. The more direct you are in your answers, the quicker the Akinator will be in solving the riddle.

2. Think Like a Kid Who Has Done Something Wrong

If you have a kid, you know exactly what I am talking about. When your kid has done something that they know they should not have done, even when they are being honest, you are never getting a straight answer. The Akinator will continue to rephrase the question until it gets an acceptable response, but every new question represents a progression in the game. Your job is to get the Akinator to ask as many questions as possible.

3. Stay Away from Popular Characters

The more well-known the character, the more information about them will be available and known and the easier it will be for the Akinator to discover the character. Choose a character that you may have a certain affinity to but not everyone will know. In other words, if you are choosing from the actor or actress category, don’t choose Denzel Washington or Robert De Niro.

4. Be Wise in Your Category Choices

Some categories will have characters that are much easier to guess than others. While athletes might not be well known among the public, statistics are highly specific and can be used to narrow down possibilities until the right character is identified. The goal is to choose an ambiguous figure that is in the database.

5. Add a Character That Is Not Already on the List

By adding a new character that is not currently on the list, the number of questions and precise information about the character will be limited. By limiting what can be asked, you will reduce the possibility that the Akinator will be able to guess your character. It is all about being strategic and calculated in your choices and your answers.

6. Think Rare but Significant

The reason that most people struggle in the game is that they see characters as being famous, but the more difficult characters to guess will not be famous; however, the will have done something significant. For instance, one of the highest scores on the game was accomplished by a player that chose Feliks Zemdegs as their character. Have You ever heard of him? Exactly. He is the person who owns the World Record for solving the Rubik’s cube.

7. Avoid the Most Played Characters

There are a number of source sites that will give you a list of the most played characters. Sporcle will give you the top 100 most played characters. The reason that you don’t want to play with characters that are common is that they will have more information and questions in the database. The more questions and data to pull from makes it easy to guess the character.

8. Dust Off Your 21 Questions Skills

Playing against the Akinator is very similar to the game 21 Questions, which we all played as kids. The biggest difference is that you are playing against a computer that has been programmed with unique algorithms designed to decipher information in a manner that does not allow for mistakes. If you slip up on an answer, it is a rap.

9. Join Akinator Forums

There are forums where fans of the game congregate and discuss strategies and share tips. Try to find a forum that has verified levels of completion and awards earned on the game. This way you will be able to identify which gamers you want to glean from and which ones to ignore. Be warned that some of these gamers are intense and that take their play seriously.

10. Get Out Ahead of the Game

If I were to summate the tips that I listed to this point, I would simply say that you need to get out ahead of the game. Take time to learn how the game is played. Choose the most obscure characters as possible. Be highly creative in the way that you answer questions. Treat the exchange much the same as you do your opponent in chess, think several questions ahead.

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