Horror Video Games You Should Play: Friday the 13th

Friday the 13th: The Video Game is a survival horror multiplayer game developed by Gun Media. It puts you in the shoes of either Jason Vorhees or one of the many famous victims through the series film run known as Counselors. It started as a Kickstarter and quickly gained heat as fans of the famed serial killer itched to get their hands on a game that would finally do the series justice. And it definitely did do it justice. Here are five reasons you should play Friday the 13th: The Video Game.


The gameplay for Friday the 13th is simple but rewarding. It is easy to pick up which will make getting your friends to play with you a whole lot easier. As a Counselor, you will be paired up with seven other players and you have one simple mission. Escape the camp with your life. To do this you can go about a few different days. The most simple one is to get the police to show up. To do this you must first find the radio box and get a signal. Then you need to find the activated phone and give it a ring. Afterward, you must survive for about five minutes until the police show up. Unfortunately, Jason will get a warning each time one of these steps is completed so be careful. With this method, everyone in your group can escape together. You can also escape by using one of the in-game vehicles. This requires you to find parts and fix the car or boat on the map. There are also multiple cars. One has two seats and the other has four. Fix the wrong car and you may have to leave some friends to die. Or maybe if you’re feeling evil that’s what you’d want to do. This is the easiest one to do because while others distract Jason you can have a group focus on fixing the vehicle. The only issue is the limited seating arrangement. So some people will have to get left behind. Finally, there is a way to kill Jason Vorhees. But it is extremely hard. You must sneak into his base. This is already dangerous because anytime you sneak into his area Jason will receive a warning and he can teleport straight to you. While there you must grab a sweater. Put this sweater on while playing with a female and you’ll be able to disorient Jason for a short time. During this time you must have a certain character and weapon to pull off the kill.

Proximity Chat

Proximity chat was a genius addition from the people at Gun Media. With proximity chat, you are only able to communicate with other players when close to them. Unfortunately, this is also true for Jason. Speak too loud or too close to him and you might give away your plan and hiding spot. The only way to communicate with players that are farther away is when you find one of the in-game walkie-talkies. With the walkie-talkie, you can talk to anyone else that has a walkie-talkie. This helps create some true terror-filled moments. When you’re hiding in a house and hear Jason outside and the player can taunt you. It’s something that truly adds to the experience.

Be Jason Vorhees

Let’s be real. The true reason fans from the series wanted this game to succeed was because they wanted to finally see Jason Vorhees as a playable slasher in his own game. They wanted to be Jason Vorhees and see through his eyes. Well, Gun Media succeeded in giving players that experience. As Jason Vorhees, you feel invincible. Your one goal is to murder every counselor. Bullets can stop you. Manchettes can’t hurt you. You and your thirst for blood are unstoppable. Pair this with some incredible abilities and the option to choose between different versions of Jason among the years and you have a game that fans will not be able to put down. You can teleport through the map. Sense the fear in your victims. You can even heighten your senses to truly get an idea of where your victim is running to. Being Jason Vorhees is a truly fun experience that any fan of the series should try.

Team Up with Friends

The ability to play with your friends truly makes this game shine and creates unforgettable moments. You and up to seven friends can enter the camp. Seven of you will play the Counselors and try to escape while one will be Jason Vorhees and do their best to murder everyone. Pair this with the proximity chat and you will have some great times. Not to mention some pretty intense scares and tear-inducing laughs.

The Community

The community of Friday the 13th has been waiting for a game like this for a long time. And we’re glad they finally got one because it is a great community to be a part of. Most games you enter will have people with chat on so you’ll be able to meet other fans of the series and chat while screaming in terror. You’ll be able to chat about your favorite iconic kills and others that you wish had been in the game but sadly did not cut. It is a truly special experience that can only be achieved when a project is created with a sincere love for the series. We wish we could say that the developers would have more coming to this game but unfortunately due to licensing issues,, there will be no more updates. A bummer but at least they can’t take away what we already have. Be sure to check out Friday the 13th and stay tuned for more gaming news.

Synopsis: “Friday the 13th: The Game is a third-person horror, survival game where players take on the role of a teen counselor, or for the first time ever, Jason Voorhees. You and six other unlucky souls will do everything possible to escape and survive while the most well-known killer in the world tracks you down and brutally slaughters you.”

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