There’s a New “Friday the 13th” Game


Being Friday ‘n’ all, I thought it’d be pretty suiting to do a post on something Friday-related. To be honest, I was just waiting for a good opportunity to spring this one on you, as it’s something I am pretty excited for personally.

I am a huge horror fan, especially from the 80s (for me – the best time for horror movies) and no movies are as hugely known to just about anyone than the infamous Friday the 13th franchise. We’ve seen ten movies hit our screens, an epic battle with a familiar face (Freddy vs. Jason) and even a 2009 remake of the classic. In all that time, we’ve never had a real video game of the much loved slasher. Sure, we had an attempt at one in ’89 with Atlus’ Nintendo version, but even one of F13’s own original creators wished something more came out of the series for us to enjoy with a controller.


Sean S. Cunningham was one of the brains that spawned our beloved Jason Voorhees, and as it turns out – one of the very brains that helped make the video game dream come to reality at long last. Being utterly impressed with a video game idea of a masked killer at a summer camp causing havoc by tearing teens to pieces, complete with concept art of the game by developers Gun Media, Sean (who happens to be the rights holder of the entire franchise) thought hey, if you’re gonna do it – do it properly. He then went and only gifted them the rights to make the official game for Friday the 13th.

With this kind of giant in the movie world on your side, it sure comes with its perks. He got in contact with some old buddies and got them on board with the project too, bringing the likes of Tom Savini, Harry Manfredini and Kane Hodder in – AKA the original executive producer who worked on the movies, the original composer of the soundtrack to the movies and even the big boss himself Jason’s actor from the original movies.

All they needed now was funding. Where could they possibly get funding? Well that’s the beauty of the modern day age we live in, bring on Kickstarter and Backerkit. The average Joe like me and you put money towards it with rewards in return, to demolish any target they set.

That brings us to now, with the developers constantly adding new features to the game. The multiplayer aspect is what looks to be the thickest portion of the game, with one player controlling Jason and the others controlling the potential survivors. Single player is currently being talked about now and even the ability to play as different versions of Jason from each of the different movies (does Jason X sound good to you?).


Check it all out here at the official website, where you can see all the video interviews and even back the project – Fridaythe13thGame.

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