Hipster American Psycho

Turns out they have hipsters across the pond too, and an England-based marketing agency decided to use them to remake American Psycho in a new way. Denim jeans are the new business cards, and beards abound everywhere.

The video recreates two of the most famous scenes from the film, the card comparison at the conference table and the execution in the apartment, though I did miss Christian Bale’s dance moves. I also really want to see the new stage version where Doctor Who’s Matt Smith is Bateman.


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  1. When done right, a parody of a great classic can taste as sweet as cool vanilla sorbet, and go down just as smooth. While replacing business cards with denim and Huey Lewis with…a deluxe cappuccino maker?…, may feel like an odd choice to Westerners, that’s precisely what makes it so smart. Very well done, Denham!

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