Obscure Movie Characters We Like: Kent in Real Genius


In perhaps one of my favorite movies of the 80s, Real Genius brings us an incredible performance from Val Kilmer as genius Chris Knight.  But in what may be the best role of the movie we see enemy Kent played by Robert Prescott.  Anyone here ever see Michael Clayton?  Yup, Prescott was one of the hired assassins.  It’s weird seeing him all growns up today.

You might also remember Prescott in the movie Bachelor Party but that’s not what we’re talking about here.  We’re talking about how awesome Kent was.  Kent was the model smart guy, kiss ass to authority, elitist prick who would stop at nothing to make sure he was the number one at “genius school.”  This involved sabotaging anyone who got in his way and also trying hard as hell to embarrass other people.

In reality Kent was smart but clearly the butt of many jokes and an ongoing wire tap/microphone for Kilmer to mess with.  This involved Kilmer and sidekick placing a piece of metal on Kent’s braces and pretending to be Jesus.   It also involved asking Kent if he was masturbating often.

Most if not all classic moments from this film involve Kent and I just wanted to give this character credit where credit is due.

Kent talking to Jesus after the jump

Hello.  Hello Jesus!

Man this guy was awesome.  I’m glad to know that Prescott is still around and doing movies.   Here’s a picture of him from Michael Clayton just in case you wanted to see what he looks like today.


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  1. Great movie, great douche.
    “You guys are all a bunch of degenerates!”
    “We’re degenerates? What about that time I caught you in your room naked with nothing but a bowl of Jell-O?”
    “Hey! I told you, I was hot & I was hungry…”

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