Looks Like Wolverine is Evolving! Wolverine Learned Weightlifting!


While I think most of us were perfectly impressed with Hugh Jackman in his role as Wolverine in the original X-Men movie, I guess something must have happened as the films developed where they suddenly needed him to turn into an actual comic book superhuman to effectively nail the role.

I’m not sure how this took this long to dig up, but a redditor did so to show just how jacked Jackman has gotten as he’s aged and tried to bring a ridiculous amount of physicality to the role. For both Origins and The Wolverine, Jackman’s sex/badass appeal was actually a pretty huge part of marketing, so they clearly did it for more than just comic-accuracy reasons. Unfortunately, neither of those films were terribly good (and one was just plain terrible).

Brb going to go do curls for six hours.

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