Ten of the Most Bad Ass Tattoos in Movies

I already have one tattoo on my arm, and I’ve been thinking about getting another one.  I want something really hardcore this time around, and I’ve been leaning toward either a tribal tattoo on the small of my back or a dolphin on my ankle.  Those are pretty tough, right?  Maybe I should be looking to the movies for inspiration, as there’s some truly bad ass tattoos that I’ve noticed.  I probably don’t have the pain tolerance to get inked with some of the designs these movie characters have, but let’s take a look at ten of the most bad ass tattoos in movies, after the jump:

Blade’s Tribals – Blade


Sweet Moses, those are some nasty tats.  It’s one thing to have tribal designs on your neck and back, but when they start to wrap around your ear, you know you’re a total bad ass.  There’s no way I could handle getting these; I’d be better off fighting vampires.

Fox’s Multiple Tattoos – Wanted


Angelina Jolie has something like 13 real tattoos, but she’s not even close to as tatted-up as her character Fox in Wanted.  Jolie got to keep some her tattoos exposed for the movie, but as you can see, several faux ones were added as well.  It’s not often that we refer to women as bad ass, but Fox is about as dangerous (and sexy) as a woman can be.

Jack Carter’s Mancats – Get Carter


To pull off the double mancats Jack Carter has, you need to have some seriously steroid-inflated guns.  Stallone obviously has no problem with this bad ass look, but I’m not sure it’d work for me.  I would probably have to downgrade to kittens.  Chicks like kittens, though, right?

Viper’s Face & Tongue Tattoos – Doomsday


For me, Viper is the most memorable part of the mostly-disappointing Doomsday.  Her bad ass chick schtick isn’t just an act, and the tattoos aren’t just for show – she set a guy on fire and then ate him.  Whoever did the ink on Viper’s face is quite artistic.

Nikolai Luzhin’s Prison Tattoos – Eastern Promises


Actually a member of the Russian Security Services, “Nikolai” is covered in symbolic prison tattoos to give him street cred with the Russian Mafia.  Not pictured are his most bad ass tattoos of all: the stars on his knees, which symbolize the fact that he will never kneel before any man.

Denton Van Zan’s Dragon Tattoos – Reign of Fire


Van Zan has two dragons tattooed on his chest, with their tails wrapping around his shoulders and down his arms.  It’s a great look and is enhanced by the fact that Van Zan is pretty friggin ripped.  You’d look pretty ridiculous with a pair of dragons inked on your floppy man-boobs, so this bad ass look isn’t for everyone.

Hando’s Skeleton-Bone Arm Tattoo – Romper Stomper


This is a personal favorite of mine, and again, it’s something I could never pull off.  The closest I’ve come to Hando’s tat is a pair of knee-high socks with the tibia and fibula printed on them that a girl I used to date bought me at the “Bodies” exhibition.  Tough guys don’t go to the “Bodies” exhibition, they put people in the exhibition.  My socks do kick ass, though.

Snake’s Snake – Escape From New York


This one is pretty self-explanatory, and a giant cobra emerging from your crotch is nothing short of awesome.  If you’re uncircumsized, would that make it a hooded cobra?

Francis Dolarhyde’s Dragon – Red Dragon


I think this one speaks for itself, but it’s only the second-best tattoo in this article.  Yes, it’s truly bad ass, but it doesn’t compare to…

Seth Gecko’s Arm & Neck Tattoo – From Dusk Till Dawn


Hands down, the best, coolest, most wicked, hardcore, insane tattoo in the history of movie tattoos.  For almost the entire movie, the only part of Seth’s tattoo that is visible is the small part that creeps up out of his collar and onto his neck.  At the end, though, Seth removes his jacket, revealing his incredible tattoo and inspiring wannabe tough guys everywhere to get their arms covered with ink.  These tattoos weren’t presented in order of bad-assery, but if they were, Seth’s would be number one.

Are there any movie tattoos you find particularly bad ass?  I left off xXx because his tats encricle his naval, and Dennis Rodman is the only dude who can pull that off.  Max Cady has a nice collection of tats, but none of them really stood out to me.  Finally, I wanted to include Willie Beaman’s double pistol tattoos on his hips, but for the life of me, I couldn’t find a good picture.


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