Heroes Season Premiere was Two Hours of Pain, Inanity


Like I did with True Blood, I was planning on reviewing every episode of this season of Heroes.  After sitting through the two-hour season premiere, I am strongly reconsidering.  Heroes has become the show that everyone loves to hate, but I didn’t join in.  I saw potential in the show and held onto hope that one day, we’d get something as cool as Season 1.  I defended the show, but as seasons went on, I started losing interest.  I wrote that I wasn’t sure how I felt about Season 3’s ending, but after some time, I came to think it was alright – at least the writers took a chance and did something creative with the characters.  Unfortunately, the two-hour season premiere did nothing to convince me that this season will be worth watching.  Keep reading for the full review, some spoilers:


Behold! Another disappointing season!

The title of this episode is “Redemption,” somewhat fitting considering that Heroes as a series needs some damn good stories to redeem itself as a worthwhile television show.  If Season 4 is good, I thought, I’ll forgive Seasons 2 and 3.  So far, no dice.   The “Carnival” people in the show’s opener seemed alright, but soon enough I was reminded why Heroes has been so terrible the past couple of seasons.  Claire is the same old boring, lame, and dumb Claire (credit where it’s due to the writers for at least acknowledging her stupidity; I was sure they’d make her ace the professor’s entrance exam), Peter’s more of a wet blanket than ever, and Matt’s still a pudgy sucker.  And at this point, Hiro and Ando are full-on cartoon characters in a children’s show.  Thank God Ando rescued that cat; I was on the edge of my seat!  The “I’m dying” bomb carried no weight since Hiro is a one-dimensional, childish character.


Claire’s excellent judgment, Exhibit #3458 

Other than the Carnival folk (Ray Park was pretty sweet), the only scenes in this show worth watching are the Nathan/Sylar scenes.  Sylar’s trapped inside Nathan and slowly, he’s beginning to suspect something’s wrong.  He can’t identify with his own past, and new powers are manifesting.  I think it’s an interesting concept and as far as television goes, it’s pretty original.  Sylar is one of the reasons I’ve stuck by the show, and it’s good to see (especially through Parkman’s hallucinations) that he’s totally evil again.  The “Sylar-going-good” story arc was naueseating.  As far as the hallucinations go, I’m fine with those, too.  It’s a decent way for the writers to get Quinto (Sylar) into the show, and the idea of a piece of Sylar’s consciousness attaching itself to Matt’s as a result of the brainwash is pretty cool.  But let’s not get carried away – the rest of this episode was garbage.  Nobody cares about the death of Danko; I didn’t even expect him to be around this season.  Tracy’s act has gotten old, but thankfully there’s no Maya or Mycah.  No Mohinder either, which is good.


That’s right, kid.  You’re gonna watch this episode…again!

There were plenty of groan worthy moments, such as when the woman Peter rescues happens to be pregnant…with twins!!!  How noble.  Or Clare and the girl from Californication bonding over Guitar Hero…while all the other kids drink and enjoy the party.  Or – and this made me want to ram a pencil into my ear – the woman who investigates the death of Claire’s roommate and scoffs at the idea of foul play.  “Murder?  Are you mad?  There was a suicide note!  You didn’t see it?  Oh, well do you know anyone who would want to kill her?  No?  Then case solved, it’s a suicide.”  I’m not asking Heroes to be Law & Order, but Jesus Christ, try just a little. In a rare moment of common sense for Peter, with regards to the compass, he suggests to Noah what I’m sure we were all thinking: Why don’t you just give it back?  Seriously, Noah, why the f*ck would you even care anymore?

And oh yeah, why does Hiro now think it’s a good idea to travel back in time to fix things?  Yes, I know he was sent back involuntarily, but his new mission seems to be pretty stupid.  So much for your code, dude.

Maybe it’s my own fault for expecting anything of substance for Heroes, but once again, I find myself incredibly disappointed with the show.  We’ll see what happens, I guess.

What did you guys think?  Am I being too hard on the show?  Is Claire going to make out with her new college friend?

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  1. @ Cheryl

    Quinto is a pretty good actor, too, especially considering some of the terrible lines he’s been handed. If he wasn’t on the show, I’d be done a while ago. Without a strong villain, there’s a limit to how heroic the others can be.

  2. hahahaha, figures you hated it, I actually sort of liked it.


    – T-Bag from Prison Break as new bad guy. I’m actually intrigued to figure out just what his power is and what exactly his group of carnies does.

    – Sylar haunting Matt Parkman, not knowing where his body is.

    – Tracy/Noah love connection that is clearly going to happen. She may actually be somewhat useful this season.

    – Peter living a normal life is a refreshing switch. Interesting that he was described as “an empath” not “the empath” which implies there are more.

    – Hiro’s new mission to fix wrongs he’s made. At least he has a purpose now.


    – Hiro’s new mission to fix wrongs he’s made, because what T-Bag told him doesn’t make any sense. You CAN’T just change one thing. Like Ando dating Hiro’s sister wouldn’t have changed TONS of stuff along the way.

    – Nathan wrestling with his Sylar side. We all knew this was coming, but it’s going to drag out FOREVER I’m sure.

    – Claire being in college. Claire’s dumbass roommate who acted like no one who has ever existed ever. Claire’s dumbass new friend from Californication who is clearly behind everything. Claire’s dumbass self who thinks it’s a good idea to jump out a window in full view of the entire campus.

    So all in all, more good than bad in my estimation. And that fact blew away my bottomed-out expectations. Maybe you and I will have a philosophy change on the show this season, Madison.

  3. It’s interesting to see this show still has a fan base. I thought the first season was awesome. I remember thinking what an original refreshing show it was.
    Then season 2 came…I decided to hang in there cause the first was so good.
    Then season 3 came and I literally made it two episodes.

    I now refuse to watch the show and it looks like I’m not missing anything.

  4. I am one of the loyals too, and although what happened last night could have easily been compressed to an hour, i really hope it does well. It wasn’t too bad. Hiro playing Earl and righting his wrongs is kinda dumb; and I really don’t wanna see a Tracy/Noah union other than platonic. Her water thing is cool tho, so technically she can’t really die, i guess? Sylar is still the interest in the show and some of the best scenes are with him.

  5. Madison
    Keep up the good work. Although i have not watched episode 1 u say the same things i have been saying about this show for two years. Unfrotunalty super powers will always keep me wathcing shows that lack substance(hence i still watch smalleville) itaped the show and i ll watch it this week. I hope the show does well by im sure i will be mumbling under my breath i cant belive i still watch this.

  6. I stopped watching on season 2. Unfortunately, Heroes was a show that the creator had the idea for 9 episodes only (save the cheerleader arc) and somehow for a first season, although not so detailed… so from then on he has no idea what to do with the characters. They change attitude and motivation on an episode basis since season 2. Heroes is even worse than Smallville on that matter, it’s just season after season with some lame baseline of a plot, just because there are still people watching it over inertia…

  7. @ Paul

    I’m surprised you liked it, but I guess I shouldn’t be. Heh.

    The carnies has the most potential; I think Samuel is pretty bad ass so far. He’s got an interesting pitch, for sure, but I also think he’s manipulating the others for his own ulterior motives. I wouldn’t call him bad just yet, as it seems he’s providing a family to people who “don’t fit in.” Sure enough, he’ll recruit some of the original cast members.

    Nice pickup on the “empath” line, I liked that, too.

    But seriously, just kill Hiro already. It’s embarrassing at this point. Same with Claire.

    I actually like the Sylar/Nathan storyline. Go figure.

  8. @ 80sbby90skd

    I don’t know what would kill Tracy…maybe extreme heat, but I’m guessing she’d be able to re-form from steam, too.

    @ joe

    Thanks for the comment. If people keep showing interest, maybe I’ll keep reviewing. I can’t make any promises though. At least the rest of the episodes are only an hour.

  9. I’m a Hero’s fan, but I’m sticking by with hopes that the show starts being as awesome as it was during the first season.

    One thing though, the carnival aspect seems to me a lot like Cooger & Dark’s Pandemonium Shadow Show from Ray Bradbury’s Something Wicked This Way Comes (the novel version not teh film version). No big complaint about that.

  10. I don’t know where to begin with how bad the plotting with heroes has gotten. I am sick to death of sylar, he’s so cartoony. Everything with this show has been downhill since the first season. The whole “matt sees sylar” storyline is beyond dumb. I was intrigued At first with the nathan-sylar duality thing, but bringing it to parkman is idiotic at best. And for all the Hiro haters – he was cool in the first season, until they took his powers. Now he’s lame. I think i am done with heroes.

  11. As i said you got me hooked on this site and i ll keep writing in. I actually wathced it last night and i actually liked it, but as usual with time travel i find i cannot suspend my disbelief. I hate time travel, there i said it. It makes no sense ever in any show. It didn’t work in back to the future and doesnt work now. i like hero but how can he be dying if he went into the future and saw future sword wielding hero. I mean in season one hero is the one who is all knowing and told peter waht he needs to do. Wouldnt he know he was dying. To many things when it comes to time travel , besides he is useless anyways. Saving a cat give me a break. They need to make some things happen quick beacause i fear the show is on its last leg.


  12. I have to say that this show still has the irritating habit of not adressing the strenght the powers can have, like for example when Ray Parks and Peter fought, you can see that Ray’s main goal is to kill the man with the horned rimmed glasses and get the compass and when he figures that he can’t win the fight, he slips passed Noah. Why can’t he even stab the knife into Noah and quickly take the compass? Just the same that Sylar got the superhearing power in season 1, but never overheard a single thing while he was only like 50 feet away. There so much more of these “bugs” and they take the blood away from under my nailes.

  13. @ Thogo

    Could not agree more. I thought the exact same thing with Park’s character – why not just take it off Noah when leaving?

    But why is Noah even involved at this point? Why would he risk his life for a compass he knows nothing about? He can’t use the “to protect Claire Bear” excuse for that one.

  14. The only way Noah’s character can be intresting again is when he doesn’t do for the sake of the company or rescuing the world, but when he has a personal vendetta. Make Claire disappear for a while or even better, write her off. Do you, Madison, have any idea to make him more appealing? One thing that shouldn’t be done, is giving everybody powers, it just doesn’t work for Ando at all.

  15. @ Thogo

    He’s still part of the company – the “new,” Angela company – but he doesn’t seem to be as into it as he once was. Protecting Claire is what drove him, and bagging and tagging people with powers was justified because they coul conceivably hurt Claire. She’s gone to college now, and besides, him protecting her has gotten old – especially since she, uh, invincible.

    Anyway, I like Jack Coleman a lot as an actor (he’s one of the very few on this show), and I’d like Noah to stay around. How to make him more interesting? Certainly not powers – I think a big part of his appeal is how dangerous and efficient he is WITHOUT powers.

    As for what I’d do? I’d take the series in a very different direction. Powers would be out and about to the public, and the reactions would be huge. Some would call for their deaths, others would be worshipped like Gods or messiahs. Throw Noah into a situation where, on behalf of the US Govt (I like him as a govt agent), he’s sent to take down a group of supervillains in a neighboring country that have taken over. Something along those lines, perhaps. And really get into the religious aspects of it; make it like a cult. Noah’s at his best when he’s doing what he’s good at, and that’s taking down people with powers. If he’s not protecting Claire, let him protect everyone else. Thoughts?

  16. decent episode. kind of slow but not as bad as season 3’s beginning.
    i was just hoping Hiro would decided to shift towards becoming badass Hiro.
    and i was surprised there was no Guitar Hero commercials since they were obviously trying to advertise for 19 year old girls.

  17. The only way to fix Heroes is to kill off Claire, Matt, Mohinder, all of the Petrelli’s except for Peter and only him because he has all of the powers bring in darker good guys, make Sylar more of an anti-hero because he is the only good thing in the show at the moment bring in a good villain and make Sylar work with the good guys.

  18. For some reason or another, Heroes is a show that I just keep sticking with, even when I know it’s a lost cause. I always say “well maybe NEXT episode it will turn around”. I mean, how freaking amazing was season 1? When re-watching it, I cry (not literally) for the good ole days of Heroes.

    I’m really trying to think positively about this season. I really like the carnival people, and Robert will always be T-Bag. They look promising.

    Clare has fully 150% become fuggin annoying. Yikes. And Parkman needs to get himself together. Get rid of Tracy. Like 2 seasons ago.

  19. Hmmm, about your last question, Claire and the whole making out thing. My boyfriend and I waited until the season was on netflix to watch and yes he does have the hots for hayden penasomething and YES he did rewind and rewatch that part where Claire’s new roomie kissed her (the daughter from californication). He also paused it when they did the second floor-looking-down-shot of Claire’s cleave at the sorority mixer where the invisible girl almost impaled a girl with a sharp flag finial. But I’ll admit, she’s pretty cute.

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