A Ridiculous and Awesome Doctor Who Tapestry


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I know fans love Doctor Who, but Murdon here went above and beyond with this preposterously epic TAPESTRY celebrating the entire run of the show. Well, at least the highlights.

“To celebrate the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who, I drew this slightly ridiculous tribute to the Bayeaux Tapestry – I had originally intended this to be one 12-foot long image, but then I realized that if I were to ever turn this into a print that it would be impossible to frame (and difficult to view in one piece online), hence the more conventional 24×36-inch print available here.”

It’s the perfect gift for any die hard Doctor Who fan. I’m still struggling to get through the final season ahead of the 50th anniversary, but I just don’t like the show as much as a I did in the David Tennant years, I’m sorry.

[via Geek-Art]


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  1. The most recent season of Doctor Who was pretty rough going for me. I really dig Matt Smith, but his first season was his best and I think they’ve kinda said all they need to with his version of the character. Russell Davies seems like a better showrunner than Moffat, to me.

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